5 good reasons for living in Albania


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Albania, what would be your top 5?

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What are the reasons to live in Albania? I have been asking myself this question for the last 10 years since I came to Albania. And the answers were different every time. I like the climate, I like to be able to do my shopping within 15 minutes and get fresh fruits and vegetables every day, I like dairy products without preservatives, I like olives an olive oil, and these likes didn't change for 10 years. By now I have friends, which will be pity to leave, I have business that is very related to Albanian culture, past and present, I have not many, but always enjoyable opportunity for the high quality concerts of classical music. I can afford go around and not driving here. I have an advantage to see the changes, they are mostly superficial: roads, buildings, services, but they are inspiring. There is a lot to improve in this country (which is true not only for Albania), and this exiting expectation of improvements and the opportunity to take part in it is one of the reason to live in Albania.

Ok, after 4 years... I try to give my top five...

1 clima
2 wild place
3 not so afar from my country
4 possible to build a personal business ( more easy)
5 sea

For me personally it's family...having grown up in both Italy and the US the decision to move to Shkodra was fairly easy. For my husband who is retired US military I think was a bit harder but in the end we both decided to take the plunge and have been here six months now. Shkodra, in my opinion, has the best location a city could have, the view of the stunning Albanian Alps and the gorgeous scenery of Lake Shkodra! I never get tired of looking at those mountains, every day, in all sorts of weather, all around us, never! And this has to be the second best reason for us to stay here. The other reasons are also fairly easy: weather, friendliness, food, fresh vegetable and fruit, size of the city, improvements made within the last 4 years, these are the main reasons. There are some downsides to living in Albania but that's for another inquiry!

Why i want to live in Albania. I am the citizen of Bangladesh. I like my country and also like visiting. I know something about Albania
Historical place
natural beauty
Easy to do business
Personal like

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1- clima
3- shopping
4-fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.
5-beautiful cities

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