about life in this country

Hello! I may be moving to Albania in the fall for a teaching position, am looking forward to hearing more about life in this country.


What do you wanna know exactly? I just arrived here, but I may be able to answer some of your questions. The only thing I can say is that my first impression of Tirana is positive overall. People are nice, food is great and life is cheap. There are plenty of bars/cafés/restaurants with terrasses, especially in Blloku, the vibrant area of the city. On the flip side, I'd say that traffic (and the associated pollution) might be bothering. But yeah, it also depends on the perspective.

I hope it helps you a little.

Hi Lorenz10, thanks! I posted this question in another area of the forum, but will copy and paste here. I appreciate your perspective:

I am single, 35 years old and looking for some insight on life in this country. I may be moving to Albania for a teaching position in the fall - not sure yet if it would be Durres or Tirania. Is it easy to meet people in their late 20's to early 40's? What are some views of women in Albania? What are some good things to know about daily life? I have so many questions like can I find places to buy cosmetics, modes of transportation, navigating the country not knowing the native language, etc.

You are welcome ;)

Honestly, I don't know how easy it is to meet people here in Tirana. I haven't met many people so far and I am a bit on my own as I just arrived here. 
What I can tell you so far is that Buses/cars are the main modes of transportation. Trains/tramways/subways do not exist in Tirana. As for the language, people can speak English in the capital city, but I don't know if it is also the case in other cities of the country. Italian is clearly the second language after Albanian.

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