Change ownership on a motorcycle

Does anyone know how to change ownership on a motorcycle.

When I bought it so minding the shop about every document, but now I have to solve it yourself.

It sounds like you bought a second hand motorcycle but we need info before you will be given proper info.

If new the dealer should handle provided you gave him copy of passport and residence letter from immigration.

If second hand it should have a green book already and require same info provided for new motorcycle to make transfer.

If second hand and did not have green book you should have walked away from the deal.

You misunderstood me.
I bought a used motorcycle in a motorcycle store, they took care of the registration in my name (I have all documents to buy vehicles in Thailand) I have the green book and tax sign and everything is okay so far.

But if I now want to sell my motorcycle from me as an individual to another private person, I have to arrange what the motorcycle store helped me with. And that's what I do not know how to do. I do not just want to leave everything to the new buyer, so he can not register and I can have problems in the future if an accident or something else happens.

I bought a second hand bike, from a shop. We both went to the Thai DMV, or whatever it is called. They probably required to see my passport. The transfer took place at the DMV. The paper work was completed a day or two after we did the paper work and I then picked up the green book. I don't remember there being anything complex about the process, other then I don't speak Thai.

If nothing else, just go to the DMV and ask them.

ok bill, Thank you for that answer, in order to simplify the purchase of vehicles in Thailand, a document from the police is required that they approve of purchasing, I have simplified it significantly to get me written on me. I did not even have to follow and fix it, which I regret now that I did not, because then I had known how the procedure goes on. But I will immediately look up the DMV authority, thank you again,

that wa a good site to get information from thanks again bill.

www . driving . information . in . th/thai-dmv . html

I had a situation with my registration renewal. Apparently the bike was in an accident. when it was repaired the was a change of paint with the repair. When I went to renew the registration a clerk noticed the discrepancy of the color and would not renew it. I have to get a receipt from a repair shop saying that they painted it. It just so happened that down the street there was a shop that would give me the receipt. I was referred to the shop by the DMV. Just in case, don't get excited if there is another hiccup. There's always a solution.

Today I change ownership on my motorbike, oh my gosh! What insane bureaucracy. It take 4 h and after around 13 document who all cost money to get It is finish for me, but the new owner must back for more document before he can get the green book in he name. I learned one thing in all cases, never buy a vehicle in Thailand again, so incredibly complicated and expensive. Do I need to a vehicle so I prefer to rent. But now I move to Cambodia at the end of the month and there it is surprisingly simple. I have live there before and I miss the simplicity of Cambodia. I am tired of Thailand so much.

Sorry to hear about that.

My experience was less stressful. Then again I went with someone who spoke Thai. When I returned to get my sticker for renewing registration I had a major hiccup, in part because I didn't speak Thai.

Yes, when I buy the motorbike the store do everything so I don't see the problem, it take one day then I have it in my name, and now I sell to a Thai guy who do translate everything but self I have never do it, :) I am from Sweden and there you change ownership on your computer at home, take 5 minutes. So I'm used with simplicity and it does of course not frustration less here. But I don't live here for I want it same Sweden, but a little easier had not done anything. Something I reacted especially on was that both buyer and seller must reside in the same locality, and it creates the problem if you are going to buy a vehicle from another city. I had to download a warranty document from immigration that I really was a resident of Buriram.  The new owner who did not showed my address in Buriram wrote me without my knowledge over me to his own address, so then it became a new problem to get me back to my own address. Which immigration had much hassle with. But in the midst of the mess so I got 90 days of notificering in the bargain, it would be april 25 but nice it fixed itself completely free in the resurrection. :)