I am wanting to buy a scooter when I get to thailand

I am wanting to buy a scooter when I get to thailand. What are the prices like on the second hand market?

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You did not say size you wish to buy but if larger cc motorcycle google search for: red baron bangkok


A new Scooter will run you around 45,000 baht.  A second hand one can be found online through various websites, just make sure you get it where you are going to reside.  The price of a used one depends on the size, year and kilometers..  I would say you could find a nice second hand one for around 30,000 to 35,000 baht.  Best of luck.


Yep Paddie is correct
You can also find second hand ones for a lot less
10,000 ish and up

Just be very careful and take a THAI along with you
The book that comes with the bike is a a GREEN BOOK
But there are a few bikes that are GREY - which means they are not legal and can make problems in the future for you.

Always check everything before you buy anything in Thailand.
Even from the department stores...

Dear friends!
Has anyone driven e-scooters? Is it feasible  or it least convenient in terms of charging?

i've tried to look up for some prices, but only found E-REVOLUTION CO.LTD with extremely high prices. in my opinion, of course.

And btw, is it hard to get a Thai license? Or its better to come with international?

I'm guessing an International license is good for the first 30days, with appropriate endorsement (2 wheel vs. 4 wheel). Getting a Thai drivers license is easy, as of 12/2016. If you have an existing license you watch a video and then get the license. If you have to take a written test then there is a practice test on line. No problem.

I have no ideas about your other question.

You may not get what you pay for, but you always pay for what you get.
There are facebook groups for selling and buying motobikes. It's a good way to gauge what models are available in LOS and what the local market is like.
I'd advise against buying something cheap, like the models that hotels normally rent out. I was riding a rented Click the other day and the rear wheel basically came off. I'm lucky to still be in one piece.

Well said sir!
Thanks for heads up!

Don't be too harsh on the trusted Honda Click.

One of the most popular models here and as much as I want a macho bike I cannot justify the want when I do not need something. My click has 26547 miles/km on the clock and it even fixed itself the other day.

The indicator switch went real stiff for a day or two and then miraculously came back to how was it before.

The click is also a bit macho it's got angled features which are more handsome and sexy than a scoopy. I brought my Mrs a car and she gave me her bike. The single most expensive gift I ever had off anyone.

I also purchased a crappy old click which we gave to her family to use on the farm.

Both bikes are 7-10 years old both work fine and both are maintained every 3-6 months.

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