Is an international Drivers License required in Thailand?

I have a USA state drivers license now


Your can drive uptp 3 months with a foreign drivers license

Has anyone got a thaï drivers licence...I heard you need  to hold a 1year visa to get it. But I also got this proposition from an agent that said :


Get a Thai driver's license.Th

Hello , Thank you for coming to use our service🙏

Get a driver's license. No need to take a transportation test. We can do it all, no hassle.

🏍Motorcycle 1,500 baht

🚘Car 2,500 baht

Is this legal ? Sorry to ask

Our driver's license is 100 percent legal because we issue it in transportation. There will be no problems with the officials.

How long does it take?

Wait 1-2 days to receive your driver's license.

I have more messages from him with lots of people going through this procedure

Here is the Line ID @160yllnu if anyone wish to check...

As I am not sure I asked if anyone knows about this



You can get a DL with a visa and with an address registration from immigration or yellow house book or work permit

There could be other requirements like a health certificate (only the first time I recollect), google and you will find..

If you have a foreign DL you need to legalize that at your embassy or consulate

The process is simple at the Land and Transporation office (LTO) with the foreign DL you need to do an eye and reaction test and listen and look

at a VDO (in Thai) about how accidents occur....don't forget your phone for some distraction

Without the foreign DL you have to drive a few rounds around the coconut tree in the back of the LTO and you have to do a multiple choice test

Simple enough but it is not as easy as legalizing your DL

If you want a motorcycle DL than ask that at the counter as well....... that is a seperate DL

The cost are a few hundred thb

Getting an agent for this is a little overdoing it in my opinion, but hey, some people like it to be more complicated and expensive



You get your DL the same is a process that can take 3-4 hours, your DLT might have online registration, that helps

The waiting days with the agent is because they need to pay off some people to 'process' the DL