Automotive cost, duty, new and used car in Thailand

In Thailand there is high import duty taxes for automotive imported here, the one built here are cheaper for that many japanese mainly car manufacturer built plant here, but not all the part developped by their supplier are built in Thailand, there are a mix of everything.

You can see an example of calculation from custom at the bottom of this page : … alvehicle+

Income and cost of living is quite low in Thailand, but we can see more and more german cars for example and the cost of this car is 2 to 3 times more expensive than in Europe, and cost more than a basic house or condominium in some area of Thailand,

My question is how people in Thailand can afford to pay for car ? there is many business who lease it, some do expensive loan, some wealthy people obviously ( as they buy premier league football team ), corruption, etc... .....

Cost to service and maintain those cars are also very expensive, not because of the labour cost cheap in Thailand but because again of part imported from Europe or other country...

End of the day mid class drive for example mercedes, bmw, but with a LPG/CNG tank, just the exterior aspect of the car look like the brand,  but inside it can be a japanese engine, or others...

2nd hand cars are also expensive in Thailand I am not sure about the reason, but it is not allow to import used car, depreciation is very slow compare to Europe market.

An inputs are welcome

but not all the part developped by their supplier are built in Thailand, there are a mix of everything.
Thailand offers incentive & perks to car manufacturers with BOI Status.

I know a chasis public listed manufacturer here on BOI status too. They made an offer to the vice president of Diamler and jump ship.

Of course there are some imported parts.

Imported cars or parralel importers are
no longer cheap due to tax.

One need to know how thai custom calculate import duty.

Thai custom have their own base price of cars. Custom duty is based on CIF and not price of car. Add both up and a 7% VAT

Its double tax but they don't care.

There is charges without bill and I don't need to explain.

Cars stolen in Malaysia usually land in Thailand and by back door.

Don't believe what you see is my rule for Thailand.

Thais love to take loans and that is why you have Aeon; Power Buy etc

Looking at youths and certain low salary people carry brand new iPhone or iPad but all on loan.

Some buy new car with red plates but drive to office and back only. Weekend is at home as they can't afford gasoline.

They eat vegetables dip in brown paste (Kapi) with glutinous rice - 15 baht.

Some smoke local cigarette but use a Marlborough box to show.

Every May when school reopens. Pawn shops have many people as they will pawn gold jewelry. Some pawn TV or guitar etc

There are people who bought new car with red plate and delay for getting their registration plate as they want to show off they bought new car.

Some buy new car and not more than 1 year are sold ad they can't afford.

There are many things that Thais do which foreigners don't know and don't do.

Cars of certain years need inspection by a car inspection company. If worn tyres, no problem. Go to a tyre shop to borrow 4 tyres and fix it. Take the inspection and pass then return the tyres and pay a fee.

Or have a big strip of tyre rubber with threads and stick to the worn out tyre.

Will you do that? Drive a vehicle with
worn put tyres?

5,000 km is servicing, go to a backyard mechanic to do as cheaper. Buy non original parts.

For BMW and Mercedes Benz there is insurance for servicing when buy brand new.

For Porsche, life time free servicing as they built in the price.

Don't be amaze with an old version Porsche or Ferrari. Pop open the front and you see Japanese engine.

Don't be surprised to see Camry or Volvo or Mercedes Benz using LPG gas.

I had learned long time ago, don't look at the outside of Thais.

Same as I don't look at people on outside but at their heart.

You can tell in 10 minutes if the person is well verse and truly rich.

Many tell tale signs and those with lots of gold on their body is not rich. They may not know what is fine dinning or what is it like flying business or first class. They don't know what is LVMH too

When you are really rich or well verse because of your work then you know the lifestyle.

Vehicles that blast their stereo are poor and ignorant. Usually their vehicles are pick up or small Japanese cars or vans.

The big cars own by the rich is super quiet when on the road.

If you sit in a jaguar or Bently or Rolls Royce, you hardly hear your own engine sound or noise from the road.

The sound proof insulation is superb. Owners of Japanese cars have problems closing the car doors of good cars.

From this method, You can tell if this person ever drove or sat in 1 of these cars.

How many Thais who drinks know Royal
Salute or Louis XIII or Don Perignon?

How many knows what is rare; medium rare; medium; medium well and well done?

At the airport and by the luggage bags they use; carry or pull will tell you if a season traveller or business traveller or tourist or first time traveller.

What do you target for Thais? Mass or niche

Just like expats here have various types.

I know it's tough for some especially it's so different from where they come from. Some even have culture shock.

Well if you plan to be here long, make adjustments and create your own niche.