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Hi, I have recently moved to Copenhagen and am looking to learn the language. I don't have a CPR number and work offshore so am normally only home for 5 weeks at a time. I have looked at private lessons at some of the schools and they cost a fortune. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other options?

Try downloading the app Duolingo. That really helped me

The free language classes in Danish will not be free by July. I think it was these classes you had in mind when you wrote that you didn't have a CPR number.

I think that a voluntary centre (frivilligcenter) could be the solution in your case. I have no knowledge else of free teaching. At the frivilligcentres volunteers you find home lessons cafés where volunteers help with Danish and other subjects. Some of the cafés also offer chat cafés. Everybody is welcome at a Frivilligcentre, and the activities are always free. The quality depends on the attached volunteers so you shalln't expect educated teachers, but average Danes who are interested in meeting/helping others. … no_cache=1 … no_cache=1

All municipalities have a voluntary centre, and you are free to go where you want, but I guess you'll be in Copenhagen? If above suggestions don't work/isn't enough, do let me know.

Besides Duolingo there is also a free online course here: … -begyndere

I would also like to draw your attention to
This community is established as an extended lounge for everybody by the founder of the chain shops Tiger. A lot of thing is going on, and people who come there are very open-minded.


Thanks guys, that's greatly appreciated. The app is great. I'll look into some of the options suggested. I'd be happy enough to pay for private classes but most of the schools seem to be looking for 500DKK per lesson which seems a bit excessive.

Some other links: … rammar.pdf … y-builder/

Not the same as chatting with native speakers, but a good supplement to this.

There might be other possibilities so do let me know if my former advice meets your expectations.

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