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Hi. A job opportunity has arisen in Copenhagen for my husband and we are considering moving from Essex, England. We have three children. Two of my children are autistic and currently attend a special needs school in Essex. Does anyone have any information regarding special schools in Copenhagen or surrounding areas please? Would we need to apply for a private school? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Marie.

Some years ago autistic children went to special needs schools, but nowadays the starting point is that they shall attend a normal class with an assistant teacher available.

It was a politic decision taken in 2012 that the goal should be that 15,000 autistic children should be included in the ordinary public school before 2015. However, the Autisme Society is concerned as many autistic children don't thrive in school anylonger.

Some times the problems are so huge that the child will be referred to a special school.

I have found these schools
but I would suggest that you contact the Danish Autism Society where you can get much more information. … ;linkId=11


Hi MazzaYates, did you manage to find a schooling option for your two kids? My 6 year old daughter is autistic and English speaking only and we are having trouble finding options for her schooling in Copenhagen. We have been looking at special needs schools but are finding it hard to find schools that can teach in English.

Is there any homework at Denmark schools?

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