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Hi guys!does anyone know how much it will cost to study swedish.?and how long will it take?just want to know before doing anything.anyone had experienced?,hope anyone can help me about this,thanks and god bless us all.

If you take SFI, the government program, it's entirely free of cost. About how long it will take, that depends on you. You move up levels depending on your performance, so if you study a lot by yourself, which I recommend, you'll be able to finish the course faster.

Hi.  I expect it depends on where you study and how.  You can do memrise online for free.  (  I find the memrise authored material to be pretty good and a great supplement for either getting started or vocabulary building, but not to use as a comprehensive stand-alone course because you really won't get much of a handle on the grammer.

There is a website that provides teachers for one-on-one online lessons.  The cost depends on the teacher but runs $20-$35 for each 30 minute lesson and they make you buy lessons in packages of multiple lessons.  There is no opportunity to try out a teacher by paying for one lesson, but in my experience they are good about letting you switch teachers if you are not happy.  They also encourage you to do longer lessons at a higher cost (they are right, 30 min is fine for kids but not long enough for adults.)   It may be great from some people but there is a huge disparity in the qualifications of their teachers and I'm not certain that the reviews that they post are really bonafide.

These are the two options that I've used.

If you want to take online lessons I think Verbling is a good site, specially taking into account what you said, Marie. In Verbling you have the option of taking a free trial with any teacher (or as many as you'd like) and you can buy bundles or single lessons. They're also quite flexible with refunds and such.

Thanks Itzelnj,

Verbling looks like a good alternative to TakeLessons.  I like that you part of selection criteria is your area of focus: accent reduction, vocabulary building, etc.  I've had that problem before where a teacher kept pushing advanced grammer when my goals were around correct pronunciation and listening comprehension.  So it's great that you can put that out there formally right up front.

Thanks for the recommendation.


Hi itselnj!thanks for all the suggestions,this will help me a safe and gone bless u.

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