Psychology Internship.

Hi! I am a Psychology student in Colombia, I'm currently on my 4th year, and for my 5th and last year (2014) I have to do an internship related with any psychological topic.

I've been searching extremely a lot for it in any Nordic country, but sadly I haven't got any positive answer, so I was wondering if someone knows about an internship, I would be really grateful with your help.

As a Psychologist I am able to work in different fields, such as hospitals, schools (ex. counselor), companies (ex. HR) or in social topics (which is my favorite). And one of the main reasons of why I chose a Nordic country is because my boyfriend is from Sweden, and we don't want to be separate anymore, and of course because I've been there many times and I love the people, the atmosphere, the cities... everything.

And by the way, it doesn't have to be a formal internship, I can be a volunteer also, but not in randomly topics, just about Psychology (it's required by my school, not me).

Thanks for your attention and help! Love and hugs from Colombia.

Hello diana448.

Welcome to :)

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Internships in Sweden section. It might help.

Thanks and all the best.

Karen :)

Hi Karen! Thanks for your advice, I'll post it there soon. Best wishes,

Diana! :)

Hey Diana!

I'm Brittany! I have also graduated with a degree in psychology (not a psychologist though.) Our system in the US is not quite the same we need to take an additional 4 to 6 years more post graduate to become a psychologist. However, I am still able to work it related fields as you are just not counseling per say.

I've been having the same question as you though! Although the only answer I get is that "you don't have a Swedish education." There are ways to translate your education which takes up to 6 months. You can mail me at my private mail if you would like to have more details about its (stockholmbrittan[at] Will you plan on moving anyway to Sweden? Have you had any luck on the internship website?

Hi Brittany, how are you? I wrote you long time ago to the mail that you provide me, let me know if you got it or should I write you again.

Best regards,

Hi Diana

I know you wrote this post a long time ago, although I find myself in a similar situation.
My name is Francisca and I'm from Coimbra, Portugal. I am finishing my undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology (CBT interventions) and would like to do an internship in Stockholm at a hospital or clinic.
I wonder if you have always managed to do your internship? If so, could you give me some tips.

Thank you in advanced
Best regards

Francisca Pacheco

[at]Francisca Pacheco :

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