Should I consider moving to Brussels?

Hello Everyone,

Like everyone else, I'm here to seek help from those who work and live in Brussels.

I'm from India, currently working in Singapore and have recently received an offer from a company in Brussels. I have close to 9 years of experience in IT industry.I'm married with no kids.

The employer has offered a 2 year contract with gross salary of 59000 euros including all the benefits but hasn't given any breakup as according to them they cannot give the breakup  so that we do not have any bad experience later.

But they have given an approximate breakup of the monthly  net salary that I would get.All figures are EUR/mth

Salary - 1930
Holiday allowance - 267
Internet mobile - 50
Transport -50


1. Can we consider an offer letter having no breakup of the components as it works that way over there? Or the employer is supposed to give a better picture by dividing the gross salary in taxable and non-taxable components?

2.  According to the employer i would get a net salary of approx. 3200 eur/mth  for 12.92 months so an approx. take home salary of  41000 euros/annum out of 59000 euros gross salary?
As the tax system is complicated in Belgium and I'm not sure whether my take home salaray would be around the figure that he has promised.

3. I've tried to calculate using the calculators available online but that's even more confusing and cannot get a clear picture of what will be the taxable components . Will I have to pay tax on the components like holiday allowance, internet, transport if I do not utilize the given amount every month?

4. According  to the employer I'll have to apply for belgium resident status and social security is covered in the gross pay. Will the gross pay of 59000 euros cover 41000 euros of annul net pay + social security + taxes?

5. Is the employer manipulating the figures by saying that I would get a net salary of 3200 eur/mth as the tax is very high there?

Confused whether I should accept this offer as I don't have much clarity from the employer. Any help on the queries is much appreciated.


1. Yes. Normally offer letters mention only the gross salary number (no break-up). Employers cannot assure you a certain net salary, as the tax calculation depends on a lot of factors.

2. Based on my experience, your net salary must be more or less around 3K figure.

3. The system is super complex. :) Until you get your payslips, you will not be able to see how each component is taxed. Else, you may take an advice of a tax consultant. There are some forum members who are very good at this. They may respond to this thread.

4. Yes, you will have to apply for resident status, but you may be eligible for expat special tax regime (google for more info) - May be your employer already considers this to give you an estimation of net salary.

5. Employers dont do that here (manipulating). As said above, they cannot commit you a net salary number as the taxation is done by a different authority, which is not in their control. All they can do is to give you an estimate based on experience with current employees of same status.

Normally , gross mentioned in offer letter is it inclusive of social security as well ?or social security is over and above gross salary ?

Gross salary is everything your Employer is going to pay you before deductions for state/local taxes, social security and insurances.  Net salary is difficult to explain because it has so many outside influences, for example, the Government decide how much tax you are going to pay and you may have other sources of world-wide income for which you will be liable to pay tax in Belgium.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Either way, you should not let this be an issue. The country is great and that summ is enough to make a decent living. Most employers will not negotiate more money but ask for extras like a car and gas, dental, etc. and they are more likely to say yes.

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