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Hello everyone,

I have got a job offer from Portugal with the gross salary of EUR 50000 per year. A 12% of this income will be paid over and above the EUR 50000 (as a variable pay).  Below are my queries.

1. According to my calculations, assuming that there are 14 salaries in Portugal, the per month net salary will be around EUR 1500 - 2000 (assuming 45% income tax). Is this correct?

2. We are a family of 3 (Husband + Wife + 4-yr old kid). We don't eat out much and don't party much. One vacation of 20 days per year, local zoo, museum visits will happen. We have pure vegetarian diet (no meat, no sea food, no eggs, no alcohol). We don't own a car and will rent the house in Lisbon. So the expenses tend to be on the lower side. With these inputs, will it be enough to survive with EUR 1500 - 2000 and manage some savings?

3. In this salary, will I be able to admit my kid to international school?

4. Are there any good private English schools? (Fees less than international schools but education somewhat comparable).

Thanks in advance and appreciate your time.



To your questions:

#1 I used a simulator to quickly calculate your net income based on the shared information. Seems it would be around 36.500€ (or 2607€ if you divide it by 14). You would pay 27% IRS ´11% Social security. Be aware that you would still be able to deduct some expenses (health, education, etc) and bring down the total tax amount.
#2 Yes, I would say so, biggest concern will be the rental cost.
#3 Not aware of how much would an international school cost, but I would estimate between 500€-1000€. It would likely take a large portion of your net income along with rental and reduce some of your savings objectives.
$4 There might be, but I'm not aware of none. Usually private schools (not international schools) tend to us e Portuguese as primary language.


My gross salary is 35,000 euros and it leaves me 1,550 euros per month net, paid over 14 months (so 2 salaries in June and December), after private healthcare and pension contribution deducted.

Regarding schools, as the English and American international schools are way too expensive for my pocket (and are there really worth all this money?) I sent my 4.5 years old son to a private Portuguese school in Alvalade named Queen Elizabeth school.
It is a really good school, founded over 80 years ago by an English lady.
The children speak English with a teacher in the morning and Portuguese in the afternoon with another teacher so they also get to be fully integrated in the Portuguese culture.
They have tennis and football fields and an indoor gymnasium.
I provided the school with my NIF number (fiscal number) and all the monthly payment are registered on the "Financas" website. After 7 months I was advised that I overpaid 800 euros tax that should be refunded (I am not sure how yet).

I hope it helps.


1. With the information you gave you will have a net salary per month aprox 2000€, taking into account that renting is quite expensive starting 700€ something good, of course you can find something cheaper but I don't think you want to do it.

2. Usually in most of the companies you can get food allowance around 150€, your utilities ( water, electricity, TV, Internet, gas) could be around 160€ to summarize yes you can survive with 2000€ a month but there is no much left to save money

if your skills are highly qualified you can go to the "serviço das finanças" and request for "Residente não habitual" which is valid only for high qualified expats, then you have a benefit for taxes refund.

3. International school, unfortunately is too expensive for that salary.

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