55k euro per anum, is this a good salary in Lisbon?

I have gotten a job offer from a company in Lisbon, they are offering 55k annually, but I want to know is this going to be enough for a family of two.

It depends where you live and salary tax rate. My husband and I live in Lisbon and our cost is between €1800 to €2000 per month.

Can I ask what your job would be as such ?

And how firm / secure is the job offer ?   Have they given you a starting date ?

I ask because   55 K  is  more than twice the national average income in Portugal.   Even for Lisbon this   would provide  a decent standard of living.    You should be able to rent a one or two bed flat for between 1,100   and  2,000  Euros a month, depending on your requirements in terms of space /  river views and so on.

WHERE exactly in Lisbon would the place of work be located ?    Ideally you would want to rent somewhere within walking distance ( or maybe easy tram access )  -  as  traffic in the city is hellish and you certainly would be mad to plan to drive to work.

Yes. You and your family will live well with 55K salary. My husband and I live in Arierro, Lisbon. The cost for the monthly expenses for us is 2000€ (rent, food/wine, transportation,untility, internet, phone and eating out).

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