Appeal for entry into Singapore

On 30th January 2018 when i made my trip back into Johor Bahru and i was stopped at the custom due to cancellation of work permit which the officer mentioned it was cancelled on 17th January 2018 by MOM, and expired to stay till 24th January 2018. I am not aware of the cancellation at the moment, and so i called my employer, then they mentioned that MOM may have suspended all the workers's passes due to some levy issues. Therefore my permit maybe affected as well. My employer mentioned that my work permit is not cancelled but based on the custom officers their system showed my work permit as cancelled on 24th January 2018. But currently my employer is clarifying the issue with MOM and waiting for their response.

Therefore, I call an agency to clarify on this matter, so after our discussion between company, agency and myself on 31st January 2018, i decide to resign & not continue work with them, therefore i request my agency to help me apply for a new WP with my new company. And my application was approved in-principle, and also i have been granted a temporary work permit on 31 January 2018 and allowed to work immediately. And, as MOM requested I have to complete the steps of medical check-out by 3 March 2018, if not they will withdraw the approval.

Therefore, I try to entry to Singapore on 2 Feb 2018. But again, was rejected and refused entry into Singapore for being ineligible for the issue of a pass under current immigration policies. When i clarify with the custom officers, again they referred me to write in an appeal letter for clarification.

Therefore, we follow what they requested, as in send the appeal letter to ICA with all supported documents. But after waited for a month, we received the ICA letter this morning "we are regret to inform that your appeal letter have not been successful."

Please advise what can i do now?

If ICA doesn't allow you to enter due to the above mentioned reasons then it's better upgrade your skills, work in your country to gain experiences then find a better employer who can issue S pass or even EP. Time being avoid coming into Singapore as refusal repeatedly at immigration check point will be a negative mark in ICA data. Good luck

Problem is Im not sure what is the reason of rejected. And i have to go back to settle a lot of stuff, example my rental house, my outstanding jobs. Btw, im a freelance project manager of construction company, so i have few project starting soon. And MOM already approved my new work pass but why ICA still cant to let me enter back? Is it any way we can liase with ICA?

It is indeed strange that you got a new WP although you are blacklisted by ICA.
The only way to get that lifted is to clarify matters with ICA.

However, your story does not fit together:
- What did you do between 17.Jan. (when your WP was cancelled) and 24.Jan. (your exit from Singapore)? If you worked, without WP, it was illegal (even if you didn't know about that). But in fact the employer should have informed you and is also responsible for your repatriation.
- WP holders must stay in employer-provided housing and cannot legally rent a place. You said you rented. How/why?
- Freelancing is not allowed for foreigners in Singapore. You are only allowed to work for the employer mentioned in your WP. So did you do an illegal side job?

If you committed any of the above illegal acts and ICA knows about it - possibly from your letter trying to clarify things - the ban will not be lifted easily. If they don't know it yet, you shouldn't mention it on an open forum together with information (e.g. entry/exit dates, etc.) that would allow ICA to find out who you are!

1st, What i mean freelancing is because even i work with my employer but we dont have a fixed work place, so we run projects at whole singapore. And yes, the fault is my employer didnt inform me that the company have levy issues so i didnt notice and continue to work also. But they have help me to write the letter said that was company mistake so make my work pass problem during the appeal sessions, althought Im not sure is it work or not.

2nd, I have work in Singapore more than 10 years, I rent the rooms and share with a friend as usual, and due to the works timing i cant be in and out singapore everyday, so only went back to malaysia every 2-3weeks, and also because of this, Im cossidered overstayed after i went back to malaysia last month.

Anyways, thanks for advice, beppi. I will clarify with ICA again.

Oh, so you have a special WP for Malaysian commuters from Johore?
I heard about their existence, but don't know the rules and have no experience with those.
But it's certainly not freelancing (which is a kind of self-employment).
Good luck! Unfortunately, WO holders in Singapore have few rights and are often victims of their employers' mistakes (or badwill). I wonder why, after 10 years here and with a project management job, you never upgraded to S-Pass or EP?

I got refusal of entry Last year, am not speak english very well, so can u sendiri me the example of appeal letter, thank you

Tati 1997 wrote:

I got refusal of entry Last year, am not speak english very well, so can u sendiri me the example of appeal letter, thank you

Why you were denied? Was there any valid reason?

To write a mail to ICA, you just write your passport details and mention the incident date (traveling date when you were denied to entry). If ICA gives positive signal then you can travel.

While traveling Singapore, you must have return ticket, accommodation details in Singapore including contact number and you should tell the immigration officer what is purpose of your visit to Singapore. Good luck

Besides English, you can also email ICA in Chinese, Malay or Tamil - these are the official languages in Singapore and will be understood!

My boyfriend actually encountered the same thing last year. Being rejected twice by immigration for entry to Sg.
So last week I submmitted appeal letter for entry together with letter issued by immigration officer last time, saying that" ineligible to issue a pass under current immigration policy".
There's a local sponsor to sign for him too.

Now I received a letter which stated that my boyfriend can travel as a normal visitor with vilid passport, return tickets, etc.
However, the issue of visit pass will be assessed by officer at the point of entry.

My question is does it mean that he can now enter singapore like normal traveller?
Does his previous record of entry rejection is resolved?
Cus I heard if ICA reject appeal letter, it will be stated as unsuccessful.
Pls help to advise on this. Thank you

Read the line “However, the issue of visit pass will be assessed by officer at the point of entry.”

He must have a valid reason to visit Singapore. Officer has rights to deny him to enter. Good luck

Hi, may you please help me in writing an appeal letter. I was rejected twice in sg but wasn't told the reason. They just keep me in a waiting  room for hours and hand me a letter that said. Ineligible to issue pass under current policies"

What do I need to write, especially if I don't know what exactly I'm appealing.

Kind regards

Write to ICA stating both incidents (mentioned dates, your travel documents and other information) and request them if officer can advise on any adverse record pending against you as you were denied to enter Singapore despite of you had valid visa and other documents in hand (e.g. return ticket, accommodation details in Singapore and travel reason etc).

Below ICA link contains list of email details, chose the right one.

Let them advise you on how to rectify the record and bring the email print out once they confirm you can travel Singapore. Good luck

Thanks for your swift response

What if I can't remember the dates and I don't have any of my flight details anymore? What do I do then? All I wanted to do was get a social visa which means be there for a day or two and leave. So I went to Malaysia instead.

Tell them as much as you can recall. "Approx. mid.-March 2017, arriving on a flight from XXX" is better than nothing.

Okay thank you for the info:)

Hi again, i am going to write an appeal but cant seem to find the right email to send it to. I've looked through the ICA website for the correct link but cant find it. There is also no template that shows you how to write this letter. Basically I cant find the information needed that will allow me to write this appeal letter successfully. Is this done purposely to make it difficult?

Thanks for your time

The ICA contact page has all the email addresses. Of course there isn‘t one specifically for appeals, so select the most appropriate one for your situation.
There is of course also no template - the cases they deal with differ too much to make this possible.
Just follow my advice above and describe your situation as good as you can!

Thank you Beppi
You've been a great help:)

Iam maycel a. Perez from philippines i would to request to visit again to your country with my son 8years old..i refused to entry last 2016. Want to holiday there with my son.hope can to entry to your country.thank u so much


Can I ask what will the local sponsor should write about to support me after being refused to enter ? Same reason, immigration policy.


Can u tell me what ur sponsor wrote to support your boyfriend plz. ? I have a local friend but dunno what to write to support me?


Iam maycel perez was appeal to refused a letter to was last april 25 2019 i tried to visit in singapore with my son very lucky was able to entry me again there but many question also and i declared also a sponsor to whom was to carried all responsibilities to any happens to us specialy financial support to stayed there and they gave us 30days to stayed at singapore..Godbless and thank you to trusting to visited in your country..

Must be print a email to you from cause the immigration wants to show  the letters from ica...cause we are the same problem and i recieved a letters from my appeal..then after u should tell them u have a sponsor from singapore then they ask u a details from your sponsor..i refused last 2016 then i tried to back last 2019 april luckily i accept me to entry again in singapore

Thanks a lot

Happy to heard that .. but in sg immigration card there's statement "have you ever been prohibited from entering singapore?", what should Yo do? tick yes or no?

Thank you for reply

Randyarifin99 wrote:

in sg immigration card there's statement "have you ever been prohibited from entering singapore?", what should Yo do? tick yes or no?

You should answer the truth.

Terima Kasih 😊

Trying to get to singapore but on getting there they sent me back without any reasons

David ehis wrote:

Trying to get to singapore but on getting there they sent me back without any reasons

This never happens without any reason.
What did they tell you?


Can send me how appeal to iCA entry refused issue, I hot new job now but MOM revoked my IPA ,and they send to Reason for iCA side issue.

I ask ica they said need submitting sponsorship forms and other forms but again iCA not given approval not been successful. So I confused how clear this issue please let me know idea

I was November 2019 going to Singapore vist visa but they not allowed send back india ,April 2021 I got new job now I face above the issue, kindly please advise us .


Addaikalam: Your post is in such bad English that I have problems understanding what you actually mean. It seems you cannot travel to Singapore, because your entry permit is rejected, right? In that case you better wait until the COVID situation has normalized - at the moment all but the most essential travel and immigration is prohibited.

During Nov 2019 , I came to Singapore Under Tourist VISA for the purpose of my cousin brothers Family function Since my brothers are been staying over there I was invited for the event to be held in Singapore . In that time , when I reached Singapore Changi AirPort , in the immigration dept , I was been refused my Entry into the country under the category of being in eligible for the issue of pass under Current immigration process   

( Letter Enclosed below )And was sent back to India . In the withdrawal of inapproval letter , it was mentioned as I was been involved in undesirable activities - solely I can promise that I haven't involved in any kind of those undesirable, Ineligible activities or malpractice during my stay in Singapore.

One time I appealed but they rejected, so again how to move this process now.

Under these circumstances, I am afraid, you will not be allowed to come to Singapore even after COVID. The only way would be to get he ban lifted - but since your appeal for that was already rejected, you are out of luck.
You better look for another country to live and work in!

But I check with local lawyer side ,they said this standard format, need to Reappeal again with lawyer bond documents.
If possible? My issue only i came visit pass

This type issue who can cleard? Lawyers or agencies?

The Singapore authorities generally dislike dealing with lawyers and agencies - and the processes are usually easy enough to be followed by the applicant him/herself without external help.
But since you have already unsuccessfully used all your options, you can of course try one more time with a lawyer's help. Just keep in mind that they might have their own fees in mind and not necessarily your best interests.

Ok I will try my self one time. THANKS

Adaikkalam: Correct me if my understanding is wrong, but looks like you got paid in SG for doing some job (part time sorts) during your visit visa. You know it best, so do clarify.

Singapore Govt doesn't encourage any unlawful employment, just FYI. If that's what has transpired in the past, you may just end up burning your hard earned money with lawyers and get nowhere.

Shekz : I am worked in Singapore 2014 to 2019 april spass. After my project completed im back to India.
Then my cousin family function there so they intvaiting me and sponsor vist visa

But immigration not allowed that time November 2019  stay at airport one day after they send back india .

That is problem but I never involved any illegal activities ica also give report current ica regulations not allowed this pass .

That mean I affair why they ban my pass .