Which one first?

So I'm here in Chiang Mai Thailand, and here are a few things I want to accomplish before long:
1. Buy a motorbike.
2. Apply for a retirement visa.
3. Rent a house.

Now it looks as though the retirement visa and the bike buying are easier if I have a "stable" home address rather some hotel somewhere (although I am living in a "serviced apartment" I'm pretty sure that officaldom considers this to mean that my hotel doesn't have a pool).

So I am faced with looking for a small house to rent (rather than a condo!) before I get involved with the other choices.

I would go with the condo.  A house really ties you down and renting is renting with the owner still needing to provide documentation for those who live there.  I would get the visa first.

Thanks, I wasn't asking about whether I should live in a condo; for various reasons, that is "right out" for me.

Sorry, I forgot about your cat.

I checked out a gorgeous house in Hang Dong, close to Central Plaza, Tesco and Big C. I'm excited about it! And I hope my cat enjoys it too.

villagefarang :

Sorry, I forgot about your cat.

I've lived in "apartment" type dwellings, and one thing drives me crazy is that no matter where I go, there's always a hippo upstairs insisting on practicing ballet at all hours of the night. ;)

I'd rather pay a little extra and commit to a little extra upkeep for more peace and quiet.

You sound very unlucky with your apartment living.  I liked the privacy and convenience of condo living.  Being able to lock the door and travel for six months is a freedom I miss, too.  If you are looking for peace and quiet be sure to locate the nearest schools, temples, markets and loudspeakers.  Animals and night critters can also make quite a racket in some areas and during certain seasons.

We live in San Sai, very near to Meechok plaza. We have a beautiful home with a western kitchen. Plus a great dog we got from WVS. I hate condo living, we want to be able to hear birds, see squirrels   , and have our music and tv on as loud as we want. We want to be able to just walk out side and visit with our neighbors, instead of having to go up or down condo floors to see anyone. Yes we do have a car.

We stay at a friend’s house in San Sai when we are in Chiang Mai, just before you get to the Caltex coming from Chiang Rai.  Lovely house but a congested, narrow soi, the houses and businesses are too close to each other and an unattractive area in my opinion.  It is relatively close to town and the ring roads so it does have its plusses I guess.  Maybe you are in a nicer part of San Sai.

Hate seems like an overly harsh word to use for condo living.  Some condos are very nice.

Condos are great for some people including some of our friends. but we hate condo living and can't do it.  We wanted a western style home, and that is what we got.

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