Where can i get African food in Chiang Mai ??

I love Thai foods from the pa-thai to the cao kai-jiao, and  I love burgers and fries too but let's face it who doesn't?  :D Don't get me started on the latte.  :lol:  However, sometimes I just want to eat African dish when I feel a bit homesick. I am a terrible cook so cooking it myself is not an option, i heard there are places I might find it in Bangkok but I'm not in Bangkok, I'm in Chiang Mai. so any recommendation on where  I might get African food in Chiang Mai? Thank you.  cheers.

Have you tried a Google search ??

Also, what country's cuisine in the continent of Africa are you keen on? Narrow down the google search.  dcb

Actually, I tried using google first, but nothing was coming up. I tried narrowing it down to countries, then thought using the keyword "African food" which might provide more options but still wasn't providing answers. All i came across are located in Bangkok and south of Thailand. Thank you for ur replies anyways.

I just read a bit over at another website that there is a club of international expats who go around visiting all of the international restaurants in Bangkok. I'm back in Toronto right now. My wife is a Thai chef here for the time being. We also have a home on the outskirts of BK. Anyway re Toronto, there is no shortage of African cuisine here. I work with many Ethiopians. Gotta love that injera (spongy porous bread) and all of the goodies you can dip that into. Back to Thailand -- Good luck with your search. It would be interesting too see what you come up with. Cheers.   dcb

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