Flat rental agencies in Madrid


I'm going to move to the city pretty soon and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for which agency to use

I speak extremely little Spanish, so an English speaking one would be beneficial.


Welcome on board chris_7 ;)

I hope that other forumers will be able to help you in finding a reliable agency. Else, you can also try the articles of the  accommodation section of Spain Guide. It can help as well ;)


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I'm looking for some help as well.  Let me know if you find out anything. I found this guy online: moving2madrid.com/nie-2/
Seems ok but haven't heard back from them yet.  Either way the website is pretty helpful.

i was looking for a flat last month and it appears to me..from my experience..impossible...
unless im looking in the wrong places... in order to get a flat (not only through agencies) i had to have
1 copy of contract of work
2 last 3 pay slips
3 3 references from previous agencies/landlords

and my ones from the UK werent accepted... i even offered to pay 4 months rent in advance instead of thesea and it wasnt acceptable to them...

i might be looking in the wrong places but that was my experience...