Accomodations in Madrid - renting/leasing question


Well, I have gotten more info in regards to where I will be working in Madrid (see my first post) and I will be working at a local high school near Parque de Rodriguez Sahagun (northeast of Universidad Complutense de Madrid).  I will be looking for places to rent when I arrive at the end of August.  My question(s):

is it reasonable to think that I can find a rental (2-3bdrm) where I can rent for less than a year or month-to-month?  My teaching contract is for 10 mos.  Also, I am highly interested in finding a furnished flat.   I am fine with finding housing outside of downtown Madrid, somewhere closer to my job.  I have looked at and have found places for around 800euros per month.  Does this seem reasonable?

anyone know of a reasonable place to stay for a couple of days while I find housing?  thanks for any info you can provide!  thanks! :)

Congrats on you job! I am also an American teacher looking for a place to stay at the end of August for that amount of time.... could you do me a favor and let me know what kind of places you find? I will do the same ! Talk to you soon!


i've just found a place near the metro line 1 in madrid for 450p/m, room in an amazing apartment with bills, which i thought was okay - i'll be teaching too. The average for an apartment in downtown madrid i looked at were between 900-1200 pm, so 800 seems a good deal!