Looking for a place to live (rent)

How do I look for somewhere to live before I get to Madrid?

Are there any websites advertising apartments available to rent?

Any advice very welcome!  Thanks.

Hi HollyD,

I suggest you to have a look at the "Accommodation in Spain" guide, there are useful information and links that might help you in your search.

You could also have a look at the Madrid classifieds > accommodation section and post an advert there as well.

I wish you good luck,

Hi Holly,

There are several websites that might help you.

This is the most helpful one:

If you can read a little bit of Spanish you can also check this website:

www. segundamano.es

where you can find renting flats and people willing to share their apartments for some money.

this is the link to the ones in the center of the city.

http://www.segundamano.es/anuncios-madr … 32&m=28079

We also have craiglist but nobody uses it here. Feel free to ask if the rate is okay and the location is good. I will try to help you in anything I can.