Moving to Madrid


Just joined this forum, seems very informative.  I am moving to Madrid from the US in September.  I will be working an IT job in the city and I have many questions about living in Madrid.  I have been to Spain about 6 times and have always longed to to lived there, so after much work and research I have finally worked it out.  Im am interested in any reccomendations on neighborhoods in Madrid for apartment rentals.  I have been checking out and had been suggested a few neighborhoods (i.e. barrio Salamanca y Argüelles) but would also like to here other suggestions.  I will not have a car so I would like to be well connected via the metro. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Welcome on board Kochanie,

I spend one year in "Las Ventas" in was a ver nice area! I used to pay 625 euros (all inclusive) for a nice flat. I think you can find useful info in the cost of living in Europe topic too ;)

All my wishes of success in your project!

Many thanks Julien.  I will check that area out, that seems like a very reasonable deal compared to what I have seen on various websites, but maybe thats because its via the internet.  Hopefully I will see more deals like that once I am actually physically there in September.


i'm a 35 y old french man working in T O living in london for 10 years and planning to go to live in madrid with my wife. She has a job proposition already. I will have to search when i get there.

Any tips from you guys will be more than welcome.

Tks in advance.

My spanish level

September 2007 has come and gone and you've surely already moved to Madrid - and maybe, by now, you've moved back from whence you came.

Salamanca y Argüelles and two of the nicer areas in Madrid. You could have also considered the Calle de San Bernardo area, between metro Noviciado and San Bernardo. This area is quite cool, somewhat hippy-ish, and very lively too. It's close to Old Downtown too while not being tourist at all - although it has a highly mixed ethnic resident population. There's EVEN an American (English-language) bookstore-and-coffee-shop-and-free-WiFi in this area. I'm a big fan of this part of Madrid - if you can get past the graffiti.

Saludos, MadridMan

Also I suggest the Chamberi district, which is in the middle of Salamanca and Arguelles area.
If you are moving to Madrid and you need to find a house to live, you can stay in one apartment while you are looking for your proper house instead of staying in an hotel, which is cold and with no privacy.