Where to live in Madrid? Pueblo Nuevo?

can anybody tell me if Pueblo Nuevo is a good barrio to live in Madrid?
I'll be moving next month but I am unsure in which part of Madrid I shall search for a flat.
It is just that I have found there a lot of apartments.
I have never been there before.
Also how much in advance shall one be looking for flats there?
Thanks and regards
Hi Lenaengelhart,

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I hope someone will be able to provide some infos about Pueblo Nuevo... How much in advance ? well, in September we will still be in summer so better you search right now! July and August are the peak months for visitors till late summer (September)

For how long will you be staying there ?

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@Bhavna i need visa u help me please


Go to Discover at the top left hand side of this post and open the Madrid Guide there.
To get a visa you need a job offer.

@lenaengelhart. I moved to Madrid last year and I can help you. There are basically several factors you have to consider: do you have kids?, where will your job be based or will you be working from home? Do you want to be close to a park or nature? You can contact me and I can guide you


I would love to read any (non-personal) advice you may have passed on to lenaengelhart. We are looking at Madrid too, and I am trying to learn as much about the different barrios from residents.  I know there are lots of blogs, but they tend towards the same hotspots.
@optimist55116 and lenaengelhart

Regarding the neighborhoods in Madrid, if you have kids, the best neighborhoods to live in are the newish areas of Las Tablas and Sanchinarro. These areas are also located in the north part of Madrid and close to many companies offices.
If you want to be closer to the center, I like the neighborhood of Peñagrande, which is close to many supermarkets and stores and have nice parks for running if you like that.
I don't really like Pueblo Nuevo, but it's a personal opinion. It all depends on the things you like to do and places you want to have nearby. I like having a metro or train station close to my apartment   
If you like being closer to nature, you can go further north to Tres Cantos or Alcobendas.

Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help.