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Hi I have bought into a start up in the UK which unfortunately did not get started, and I was trading from kiosk in a shopping mall.
I hope to receive advise If it is possible and even worthwhile to find a business partner in Istanbul looking to start the project with me.
The kiosk in Istanbul would be a nail service, providing manicures, selling accessories, and digital nail art from the brand.

The expenses of all the equipment, stock, merchandise etc is already covered by me, the business partner will need to financially contribute to the rent of the space of the kiosk in a shopping mall. 

Goals for the business are if all goes well with the kiosk, to turn it into actual store and establish it as a brand.

My reasons for thinking of business  Istanbul because 1) I am Muslim  2) high shopping potential exist 3) hopefully find a Muslim business partner 

Please let me know if this Is possible and how to find solution from any advise welcome

BTW I don't speak Turkish but little Arabic,  I will need to consider this also

Thankyiu so much

Umm tamar

Hi , i can work with you


Kiosk in a shopping mall means monthly 5000 -12.000TL rent cost
worker and some other costs: 3000 TL including all food and extra's

So investor should consider 8k+ at min. on this business?
What's your prospects? Would you rather invest on such risky venue with someone that you don't know the skills?

Please be frank. Ty

Ok but how is the beauty service beauty retail in Malls  ? 

I don't really know so I can't compare to

I don't mention food sorry lol

I might be interested me and family moving to Istanbul from UK in September. I don't know where you would be in the business at the time.

Let me know  your views.


Plus free to msg me direct and o reply posted on the group and the same person is now banned

Bi i can work with you

Hi... Thankyou

There is no way u could beat gratis

I really appreciated your genuine comments ! inspired

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