A job as an Native Arabic speaker

I am Diala, a native arabic girl living in istanbul looking for a job in the field of Arabic language( translation, communication, cources...) any advice will be appreciated.
P.C: i know Arabic, English and Turkish fluently.
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Hi Diala Diab,

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Feel free to drop an ad in the Jobs in Istanbul section and to create your CV to increase your chances of getting in touch with potential recruiters.

Best of luck.



Hi Diala, if your Turkish is fluent as you say, then you should be able to find a job fairly easily. We need translation services however not on a regular basis, though we are based in GOSB which is on the Asian side and closer to Sabiha Airport. With the touristic season starting I would also recommend that you approach tourism agencies. A better long term option is hospitals and clinics.
Good luck with your job hunt.


search by news paper


Hi Abdeladim Hinda,

Yes there is a web site named kariyer. you may find easyly and this is a turkish job search site. Either you may search for jobs or if you enter your cv, companies will search and find you.

ı wish you find a good job !

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