For commissions in Antananarivo

Hello expat. I'm Malagasy and I live here in Antananarivo, I'm 21 years old and I'm someone serious. We are on the rainy season so it is not easy to make something outside . so if you need some help for your daily shopping or something like that. Don't hesitate and contacte me . Thanks for your help. May Be blessed everyone

I understand the rainy season can be a hard time to make money.  I would like to hear your resume, experiences and how you have you built a client based business from the services you are offering.  I am interested in your services- more information please and perhaps references of people who have worked with.
thank you for your excellent contribution to an important service.

Thanks for your message . I want to be right that there is a first Time for everything, I have never did this service for making money for my own but I was a rensposable for this one on a society that I have working, and I serve some people on doing that , now I want to do this as a business and serve people . I'm waiting for your advice,your help and your collaboration

Hi Ami105,

I invite you to post an ad in the Madagascar jobs section. Click on "Create your CV" and fill correctly the required field.

Good luck,

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