Crime/Safety in Madagascar

Hello. I’m considering a move (with my wife and small children) to either Diego Suarez, or more likely Fort Dauphin or Ile Sainte Marie. Reading online, most visitors to Madagascar appear to say it is pretty safe compared to most developing countries, but some others say it is very dangerous. Since my family will be going with me, I want to get an accurate picture of the safety situation before making a final decision, but opinions seem to be all over the place. How dangerous do you think it would be for us in Fort Dauphin, Ile Sainte Marie or Diego Suarez? Thanks in advance.

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I currently live in Madagascar and I think that it is pretty safe. I would prefer Diego Suarez of Sainte Marie island. Rumor has it that the southern part of the island is more dangerous. (not proved)

Also, would you consider another cities? I was in Nosy Be and found this island the most secure as it has the smart city project.

Now, I'm living in Antsirabe (167 km from Antananarivo) and enjoy it. Antsirabe is a small city where 80% people know each other. It is also secure in the downtown (19 years living in Antsirabe, neve got security issue).

Thanks for the info. Antsirabe seems like it may be the nicest non-beach city in Madagascar, but I miss the ocean, so I that’s why I am considering the others. I was under the impression that the security situation in Nosy Be is going downhill a bit. I read a nightmarish story online regarding a family’s personal experience there of being violently robbed inside their home by a group of robbers and they seemed to think the risk is increasing. While not most tourists’ 1st choice, I love the natural setting (windy and surrounded by mountains and ocean) of Fort Dauphin and I’m hoping the rumors are exaggerated.

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