Looking for UK qualified maths tutor in NW Morbihan (56)

Hi, one of my children plans on taking GCSE Maths exam in the UK in a couple of years and I'm looking for a suitably qualified tutor within reasonable distance for a possible weekly lesson.

Please PM me any suggestions.

Also, any other UK qualified tutors in the area may contact me regarding tuition in the following topics: English (language & lit), physics, chemistry, biology, computer coding (again for GCSE exams in the UK).

Many thanks.

Welcome to the Forum :)

I have no personal recommendations for Tutors, but it is worth keeping an eye out for notices University students offering their help in order to gain some extra cash in teaching English and possibly maths. Although I am British I find their quality of English is better than ours.

But in the meanwhile, I can point to you the BBC Bitesize GCSE Website there you can learn a lot. There is also Channel 4 Schools that also is good.

I hope this is of help to you.

Expert Team

I was not sure but after a quick look my findings were correct you can find test papers and online tests HERE you will find GCSE Maths.

I am sure you will find the same for the subjects you spoke of. They come with the answers, so you can print the papers off and mark yourself in your time.

Good luck :)

Thanks SimCityAT, all great suggestions.

Been a while since I lived in France and been (now in Austria) You could contact local Unis as well?`Far cheaper on the pocket :) if you really want a tutor. But ist also good to stick a notice up at local town hall if they allow it.

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