any suggestions on areas with some western expats other than salmiya?

Hi everyone

Lebanese Origin, Grew up in the states - Just moved here from Dubai for my husband's job. Self employed as a designer, so it's hard to make friends here and mix in with the community. We are looking to move out of our furnished apartment into something a bit bigger - any suggestions on areas with some western expats other than salmiya?

Mahboula would suit ur criteria. Just know it’s a bit far from downtown

Fahaheel is suitable for you

My wife went to the Sultan Center in Fahaheel (we usually do our shopping in Mangaf).  She was floored by the number of westerners down there.  Either Fahaheel or Mangaf might be an option for you, but it's different down here than it is up in Salmiya. ;)

(you do get more for your money though, that's for sure)

Depends on where you work, where you want your child will attend school and if you want a "real" residential area or a busy place.

Mangaf, Maboula and Fahaheel are busy but you get the benefit of most things been close to you.

You will find expats majorly along the sea front towns: Fintas, Messilah and Salwa. There are good residential places at good prices in Abu Fatira, Fnaitees - these are new developments. Both are for couples only - singles will hardly be able to rent in Abu Fatira and Fnaitees


Area's with Expats are in Maboula, Mangof and Fintas.  It's far from the center however, I think you will find that the area's are developing and you see lots of expats from the West.

I lived there for several years and I liked it. 


Hey joyce take a  look at fintas ,the building i live in is totaly expats, unfortunately only studio rooms so probably not big enough for you ,saying that there are lot of expats esp from oil industry in fintas ,its a nice reasonably priced area with good access to the 30

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