Moving to Italy (Rome, Milan or Teramo)

Hello everyone. Well, I'm new at this forum and thinking into moving to Italy (Rome, Milan or Teramo) and I'm going to work and study in any of those cities and I would like to know an updated budget to live on those cities. I'm moving in with my girlfriend and we would like to know which would be a more convenient city we can go to or maybe to a place nearby those cities where we can live and study with both our salaries. We won't have a secured job when we get there but a friend of mine can get us the paper work to enter Italy with a job visa but I would like to know all that information before I go to Italy because I want to go there and make a living in Italy. Can you please help me?. Thank you so much for your assistance



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I hope other members will be able to give you information about cost of living in these places.

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Thank you very much for your help Christine. Hope I can get some information about this. Greetings :D

No replies whatsoever. Please I really need some information about this. :(

don't want to seem too negative.. but actual situation in Italy is really really hard: low salary, FEW chances to find a job :(

Also italian who were born here and have an high-level (in studies I mean) have often to do BAAAAD job, only to survive :(

Is it hard to find a job in all Italy? or is it by region?

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To find a job you have more chances in Rome and Milan. I have to tell you that the situation is very bad about jobs in Italy right now. Milan it is a very expencive place to live but as all the big cities you will have more chances to find something.
If you dont speak Italian that will be a huge issue. Also i suggest you come with some cash until you organize your life.
Well good luck to you if you need more help let me know.

Thank you for your advice! I do speak Italian and I'm trying to see how I can save some cash to live around 2 or 3 months with all the expenses. A lot of people have told me that life in Italy is hard at this moment but can it be more difficult than living in a third world country like Guatemala? Thank you so much for your help :D

sure you are right...then if you are ready to do any job to survive ...i wish you good luck with your new life.Is going to be difficult for you but if that is your dream go for it!

oh my god..really? i planned to move to italy to look for a job because my boyfriend is an italian..i wanted to live with him..but now i just read the advices, i think i just come and visit him but looking for a job there is very impossible.. :( i felt bad about knowing all those things...maybe ill stay here in singaopore...and i suggest my boyfriend to come back here and live with me...

Yes getting a job here is next to impossible. Unemployment is really high compared to other european countries and so rightly so they look to give locals jobs. The fact that you speak Italian might help you. What is it that you do for work? Milan has more businesses, Rome is more governmental although ifyou're an engineer both Rome, Milan, Tourino or even Genova might have opportunities....MIGHT.

Milan is also close to Switzerland and there are many Italians who work there and live in Italy, but ofcourse again it depends on what you do.

If I wasn't married to an Italian ( who fortunately has a decent job...although he would make more money if we went to another country, which we might consider) I wouldn't really be here for a career. But Italians are very nice people and if you have money it can be a good life. Rent is expensive but after that you can manage on a small budget because thre are lots of farmers markets to get groceries on the cheap. Eating at restaurants is terribly expensive and often not worth it.

iTALY is not going through a good time right now, I would say its at the bottom of the cycle and does not look too positive at least in the near future, so save up LOTS of money if you want to have the real La Bella Vita here, because its not that easy. But it is lovely if you can manage it.

Thank you all very much for your advise. My friend also told me that life in Italy is also hard but as I was trying to tell Lu33 about this, I dont think that living there could be worse than living here. The only advantage that I have on going to Italy instead of going to another european country to work is that my friend might be able to help us get this working visa because I dont want to go anywhere as an illegal expat.

Wow! I intend to study at Cassino very soon but reading the advice, I'm really confused because I was hoping to find a job whilst stdying. Worst of all I can't even speak Italian....

if you want to ruin youre life then yes go in italy we are experiencing a huge problem here,,, apart of saying discourage stuff ... not in canada ive heard there a lot of oppotunity out there.......good day