Pescara or Bucharest?

I am currently working in shanghai, china and get 2200 euro per after tax. I want move out of china and after talk this with my boss, my boss give me two options: one is go bucharest, he will pay me 2000 euro after tax, another one is go to Pescara (actually atessa), he can pay me 1800 euro after tax.

i checked on internet and realized that 2000 euro in bucharest is a pretty good pay there. but the strange thing is i found that the cost of living in pescara is much higher than in bucharest, but my boss will pay me lesser. :-(

i talked this with my friends, most of them told me i should still go to pescara, one strong reason they gave to me is that being a citizen of italy is totally different of being a citizen of romania.

so now i am really confused and can't make the decesion, anyone can help?

Hello alexgeng.

This thread could help perhaps : Cost of living in Italy. ;)

Thank you,