Moving to Italy in August 2016

I am moving to Italy in August of 2016.  I would appreciate information on cost of living.
I am a retired single college teacher. I am also an Artist/Painter. 
My income after taxes is $2500. Where are the most afforable areas?

Hi sgtlevine,

I invite you to have a look at this thread :
It might help you to find some interesting information.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Congratulations on your decision to move to Italia. I recommend the central region of Le Marche. It has the rolling hills, small cities of Tuscany with less expense and crowding. it is located along the eastern coast of the Adriatic.  Fano is a multifaceted city worth exploring. A roman center but very modern. Good transportation hub.


That sum is perfectly adequate unless you want to hang out in the best areas of Milan/Rome.

When I was teaching in Lecce, Puglia, for example rent for a large flat in a palazzo was 600 euros. Best to make private enquiries. Food is similar to France or UK. Electricity is quite expensive.

Good luck.

John Barlow

My husband and children and I have been living here near Viterbo, Italy for 22 years. I have loved this area in upper Lazio named, "Tuscia". It has incredible art. culture and cuisine and in 1 hour by train I can go to Rome, or 2 to Florence.
We are where three regions meet, Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany so you are close to it all and yet in a rustic paradise!! I have been building a small activity, named "Italian Village Works" and soon the website will be done.
Anything I can offer to help you choose a spot to come too, I will.

I have an important question I would like to ask. My friend and work partner from Boston who needs to come here and live with us and help work  can't understand which visa she can get to come for longer than 3 months?!?! How are you able to come for longer stays?
I need to help my friend before she goes to the Boston consulate and asks for a visa so she can be aware of what she needs.
SO if there is anything you know about this it would save our lives right now!!

Thank you and please do ask if there is anything we can do to help you!

Hi There,You should check out the Garfagnana area in northern Tuscany,Cheers,Remo.

You have my sister's name. Beautiful. I still haven't figured the visa thing out yet. I will be visiting an Italian consulate in San Diego next month to find out more. I'll let you know how I make out

I am going to ask at the USA embassy here in ROme,,then have my friend go to the consulate in Boston and ask more there,,
Be careful,it's really hard now to get here for longer than 3 months!!!!
Good luck and let's keep talking till one of us finds the right answer!!
Thanks and ciao,