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I am a Filipino from Philippines and currently working in Saudi Arabia. This mid-of-the-year I will go to Morocco to marry my beautiful Moroccan wife and we plan to go Honeymoon in Turkey.

I know for her side, as Moroccan they are excempted visa to enter Turkey. But for Philippines Ordinary Passport holder requires a tourist visa or simply to apply online for e-visa.

In applying e-visa for Turkey they required you to have an Schengen Visa in your passport simply clicking the button , but for my I don't have schengen visa before but still, I select it and I obtain my e-visa for Turkey.

Now, do you think if we will both arrived in Turkey Airport Immigration and see my e-visa will they check as well my existing Schengen Visa on my Passport where in fact I don't have schegen yet?  All the othere requirements like travel insurance, reserve tickets, bookings, e-visa and expense I already have except only that don't have schegen visa on my passport and I lied.

What is the consequence? Will they fine me a huge money and jail or deport? or Will they accept me to enter with my wife to Turkey?

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Basically you lied on your application to the government. 

From my experience, I had a schengen visa and applied and got a turkish evisa - they DID check at the airport.   I would be surprised if they didn't as the evisa application doesn't ask for scans or proof - that is left to the immigration entry officer.

I am not sure what the implications would be but at the very least I would expect you to be deported.

Dont wait until you fly, take the application and go to embassy... point out the mistake. They will assist you for sure.

The problem is all the application is tru embassy approved travel agencies and they required EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE as part if requirements. My employer won't give me that certificate unless I have to apply for final exit in my current employer. I even beg the agancies to accept my Bank statements showing my current salary payroll from my employer but they still reject me to submit my docs to embassy

Then you have three choices ;

1) Go to the embassy without certificate and ask for their help -  giving honeymoon aspect
2) Change your plans and pick another country
3) Risk it and risk deportation and so on

We still love to go honeymoon in Turkey. I think i try your option no. 1 then if not success, i go for no.3.

If only they give me E.certifiate I can proceed to a legal way.

Good luck.  Personally I wouldn't risk option 3 as if caught and deported; I would lose all the money for tickets and hotels but most importantly completely ruin the honeymoon.

You are right. Maybe I cancel no.3  and try no.1 and  visit turkey embassy explaining them my problem to allow bank statement instead of employment certificate  :/ 😒😒😒

What happened to your travel to Turkey? just curious.Because I'am having a problem in travelling to Turkey too. I got all the necessary flights and hotel but I got not evisa since I don't have a US or Schengen visa

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