Honduras Spanglish Meet -up! in Tegucigalpa

Hello everyone!

I am Honduran, but i have lived abroad for the last 10 years, i understand that is not so easy to meet new people when you are traveling or working in a new place.
So, my self and an American friend are organizing here in Tegucigalpa some weekly meet ups to practice Spanish and English.
If any of you is interested in more info, let me know in the comments (reply's)  and i will add you to a Facebook private group.

Let me know!  :)

we are trying to keep a balance between expats and locals, but everyone is invited!

Have a nice stay in Honduras!!

Hello: I am from Tegus and speak spanglish de vez en cuando.
Where and when are the meetups?
Can I post my cell number? 9***

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Hi! i am currently in Tegucigalpa and am always interested in having interexchange program. also always looking to improve my spanish and meet new people.

Hi, Where are the meetings taking place? Please let me know, i am in TEGUS  and would like to join,

I am interested, please contact me email ***

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