Want to meet people to travel & outdoor activities

Hi everybody

I am Claudia, living in Tegus due to my work. I am happy living here, the country has a lot to see and I want to meet new people and future friends to share experiences and activities in Honduras


Hello Claudia,

I'm also looking for outdoors activities with groups, but it seems that Hondurans are not into it unless you organize your own trip and pay the big bucks.

Guess I have to find my outdoors activities elsewhere.


you still there?

@ MothaEssence :

Im not sure that you will have a feedback as this thread is from 2013 and the initiator did not come back to the forum since then.

I will invite you to create your own thread in the Honduras forum and to ask your questions.


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I am a Latino Gringo from Georgia  living in Danli El Paraiso, married to Honduran lady. We travel to Tegu to shop. If you want to meet and share stories let us know

Latino Gringo?  What does that mean?

I was born in Puerto Rico but lived in The usa over 50 years and was a wall street banker. Speak spanish fluently

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