The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Ghana


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Ghana. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Ghana?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


It is advisable to secure the job before you come to Ghana but to ensure it is a genuine job. My rule of thumb is that a genuine recruitment agency or employer is responsible for all the fees and never asks for any money to cover recruitment expenses.
Ghana is expensive so any job should cover flights, work permits etc, accommodation, medical and transport.

What jobs do female expats do in Ghana?

Although Ghana is conservative when it comes to gender roles, with the right qualifications women should be able to apply for most jobs. Getting a job whilst overseas is preferable as that will include expat benefits, once here it is just local hire without those benefits

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