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Hi guys. I am going to retire this year and I want to move to Armenia. life is cheaper there and I have some friends there. But my question  is how can get my retirement money and money from my savings there is there best and cheap way to send money there periodically.
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We kept our banking in the USA and do online banking and use our ATM to withdraw dram for daily expenses. We know another man here who lives on his Social Security from the USA and he kept his bank in the USA, the SS check gets deposited to his USA bank and he just withdraws dram out of the ATMs here. There is no need to move your money. However, you can open a bank account in Armenia quite easily if you want to.

Thank you very much
How do you like living in Armenia?
What is the advantages and disadvantages of living there?


It is a very beautiful country. The people are amazing! If you want a simpler life, this is a great place for it. Yerevan is very safe.

Of course, with any cross-cultural move, there are going to be adjustments. Having the right attitude will help! There's a learning curve and it could take a couple years!

You will do yourself a BIG favor by learning the language (either Armenian or Russian)! Pay a tutor, it's inexpensive and invaluable!

There are some things to adjust to and not a lot of American restaurants (there is a KFC that's decent though!) You will have to do without some things you like. For me, that is mostly in the food department.

If possible, it would be helpful if you came to Armenia for a couple months before making the big move. It will give you an idea of what you are getting into. The good and the bad.


Hello ! You are Welcome to Armenia .
If you will need any help  feel free to ask me directly.

If I can give an advice, don't move your money to Armenia.

Few years ago, they had a monetary crisis and all the armenian money lost its value.
Now Armenians like dollars. It's safer for them. We had to pay for your house rent and our car with dollar currency ! Withdraw drams for current life.

You gave advice without understand what he needs  also  I  want to add that  monetary crisis  was  and  is   on the  whole  world

Si tu veux

Thank youbso much for your information

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