New members of the Romania forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi there😀
I am from Philippines and i am engaged with my Romanian boyfriend and were planning to get married in Romania. I am here to have an idea of what possibly we should do so we can make it happen because were so newith all the process and sometimes confused too, i am so hopeful tru this site and with the friendly and helpful people here also. Have a wonderful day to everyone here.

much love;

Better your bf should tell you about that or you should apply for a visitor visa with your bf's sponsorship and let me know if you are in process already.

Hello All!!
My name is Demi and i have just moved to Bucharest (from London) on 6-9month project (maybe longer!).

Lovely to e-meet you all :)

I'm Mark Jason Abejar, 28, from the Philippines. I have been in the Food & Beverage industry for 6 years already, & counting. I am an honest & flexible person & can & willing to work under pressure. I am motivated to work overseas for it has already been my passion to explore other places here on earth & I love to learn & experience the people & culture living in other places. And of course, working abroad gives me an exceptional salary that my country can't offer. I am a team player. I love to be taught & learning skills is my ideal for I believe that skills are not learned in school. They're learned in your everyday walk with life through meeting new people everyday.

Born in Romania, left almost 27 years ago at the age of 23 and moved to Canada (Toronto). My intention is to return to Romania, in about 4-6 years time, depending on what my son who is entering grade 11 this September, does for school/university. Even though both myself and wife are from Bucharest, we intend to set up shop in Brasov.

Hi there.

Hi therealmacoy, :)

Can you tell us more about yourself? What are your projects?

Anas, Team

Im Dilini .I'm from Sri Lanka.Presently working as an English teacher.Im 44 years old and intrested in moving to Romania to work as a babysitter since I have been working with small toddlers for a long period of time.Hope I could fulfill my dream.

Hi my name is Ebony I’m a British citizen and live in the UK all my life my partner he is Romanian and we have a children together
We are thinking of moving to Romania to start a new life together our only concern is jobs for myself and him
Home to rent for our family (3 children)
And education for the children
I will have some savings for when we decide to come to help support us for the first few months ,
I’m looking for advice and where to start please

Hi everyone!

My name is Saira and I've been in Bucharest for a couple weeks. I'm from London and really looking to meet new people and make some friends :)

Feel free to message me :)

A big thank you for the invitation here.  Warmest regards to everyone.

I am currently residing in the UK, I am a UK citizen but am looking to relocate to Iasi, Romania for a permanent move.  My fiance is Romania and lives in Iasi and wishes to stay there rather than move to the UK (I cannot blame her).

I have rented a property there (3 bed apartment - she has a 10 year old son) but desperately am looking for work with a start as soon as possible.  I have posted in the jobs section and edited it again today.

I am a professional within the Catering/Hospitality Industry as well as within Customer Care, both face to  face and Call centre with a host of certificates and diplomas, all valid within the EU and a wealth of experience.

I have two downsides:

1.  I am 67 and many would be employers see this as an obstacle ( beats me why)
2.  I speak 5 languages, none of which currently is Romania.

I can within the above qualifications turn my hand to anything, work is more important to me than a titled position.

I would be very obliged for any offers of work or any pointers as to how I can secure work.  I have tried many of the job boards but all they seem to be seeking are IT staff and whilst I am computer literati, I could never fulfill the criteria required for these type positions.

I thank you for reading this post.

Chester (Czeslaw)


I’m Tarik and will be moving to Iasi in the coming months for my new airline job. Just trying to figure out accommodation at the moment.

Hello everybody,

I am Belgian leaving in Romania for 11 years now.
I am travelling offently between Brussels and Bucharest.

I am interrelated to be a part of your community and to follow your activities in Bucharest and Brussels.

N. Chemais.

My name is Jack and I live in the USA.  I'm interested in moving to Romania and learning about the history and culture of the country.  I do not speak any Romanian, and so learning the language would be my first challenge.

I'm retired and I do not need a job.  I would like to find out about places to live and how to meet people.

Hi my name is Heidi i live in Canada and i would like to learn more about Romania from the Donau region. My Husband is born in Romania close to Timisoara. I do not speak romanien but understand a bid. Love to here from Expats living in Romania.

Hi , wish you a great stay and fun. Bucharest is a lovely town.

Hello! My name is Lorena and I'm Romanian. I'm interested in Asian culture and people and I'd like to meet someone living in Romania or planning to.
Nice to meet you ☺️

Looking for Australians who are going to stream the AFL grand final next Saturday. Can I join?

Hi im living in Bucharest, shall we meet or may contact via mail or whatsapp ?

I'm from Switzerland, currently finishing my studies in translation. Once my career as a freelance translator will be started, I plan to move to Romania (near Cluj) to live with my boyfriend (who is romanian/hungarian and lives there). I came here in the hope of getting answers from my questions about me moving countries :)

Hello fellow travelers,
I am American visiting Bucharest till Oct 16th 2018.
I am mainly looking for other English speakers who live in the area who may want to socialize and talk about life in Romania.  I made a mistake not having my phone unlocked before I came here, so I am using a phone that GPS is pretty much worthless.  Basically I am lost in Bucharest.  I have Airbnb that is centrally located.  I am near Cismigiu Park. Please email if anyone wants to get together.  Thanks in advance.

Hi I'm Deep Singh from India.I am working here and living in Bucur's Shelter Hostel. Would you like to meet?We can contact over whatsapp too.

Singh from India,
Trying to PM you, but unsure how to do it. I hit 'reply' to your message, but taken here.
I would give you personal contact, but not sure that is appropriate with this message.  Yes, I am on Whatsapp, plus have a Romanian phone while I am here.

Let me know if you get this.


Dear please check your inbox , i have sent you reply.

Hi Renachan how you doing? I'm living here we may contact thru whatsapp and hope to meet personally. I'm from India currently living in Bucurs.

I am from the USA... I traveled 7 months through Europe via workaway and couchsurfing and ended up falling in love with this country, as well as a Romanian.. :) We plan to marry in May so if anyone (especially Americans) has/have information on tips on marrying a Romanian let me know!
I am currently in lessons to learn Romanian and am hoping to help others learn English as well!
I hope to gain some more friends and contacts and experiences via and I look forward to meeting you guys and seeing YOUR version of Bucharest and I'll show you mine! :)
~Dana (Penny)

Hello everyone , I am Anna 26 years old and currently living in Southern Cebu Philippines and planning to move in Romania as soonest..

hello everyone ,, have a good day .. I am difinitely joining this forum for me to have an idea on what are we going to do in applying a visa for Romania .. I am a filipina and have a Romnian fiancee for almost two years and now I am planning to go there  ,, i just want to ask  some help to all who have been in the situation like this of what are going to do or what visa should have to apply ? my target month should be there will be in April 208,, And we are really planning to get married there .. what type of visa that i should have to apply ?  hoping for the warmest reply thank you ..

Hello every one, iam Ugandan and just relocated to Bucharest, looking forward to making new friends.

Hi everyone!

My name is Anne and I'm an Indian living in Canada. My fiancee is Romanian and I'm thinking about moving there. We're getting married early next year. I would like learn Romanian and I have no idea how, currently only know a few words amd phrase. Also I'm wondering how the job market there is. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated!

Also I'm planning to visit soon and we applied for an invitation. It's been more than 60 days amd we still haven't gotten an answer. Should we be worried? Is there any way to follow up with them?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I just wanna a quick answer (how long a family visa of Romania takes to be approved or they answer back/or result. after submitting the document in consulate and interview )

It’s almost 55 days since I apply and still waiting for response from consulate ..I applied 15:OCT:2018 ...still today waiting but no response

Hi! My name is Flori and I am 18 years old. I live in Romania. I am studying in highschool. I help romanian people to comunicate in English. I help them practice communicating for a small amount of money. I have never tried with a foreigner, but I would like to. I want to start to give private lessons at math, English and informatics.


I am reisya

I curently in indonesian citizen, i have plan to move in bucharest.

I would like to work there as engineer steel structure.


Hi everyone, really great to see so many people coming together in one place!

I'm from the UK but will likely be getting relocated to Cluj in the next few months for 2-3 years by my employer as we have a new office opening over there and I'll be helping to get it up and running.

I've been doing lots of research already but I still have plenty of questions to ask so once I'm done reading through as many of the topics as possible I will likely post my own thread - I would appreciate any advice I can get on that thread :-)

Thanks, and lovely to meet you all, speak soon!


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