New members of the Oman forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi everybody,

this is savarn from India and moved to Oman in 2015, and working as a Electrical maintenance in-charge here in Sohar. I am exploring opportunity in same field as well.

I appreciate admin to put a study platform for expatriate to speak it out and make the things clear. I too had many doubts which has been clarified by Sumitran.

Thank you all for being here, stay in touch.

Welcome all..

I wish you all  a pleasant stay in Oman your second country. And to those who wish to live and visit your welcome :cheers:


Hi. This is Arash, an Iranian doctor now in muscat. I would like to be familiar with new friends

Hello Dr Arash
I am a gp and wanna apply there.
Would you help me getting some information please?
I will be grateful and thank you in advance


I am new in Oman. Was in Dubai earlier. I would like make new friends here in Oman. So, please let me know when will be next get together.


Which place of Oman? Where you from?


HH wants to be back in town!

Hi old friends!

See you soon

Hi I am Mohammed from India. New in Oman new in thanks


By way of Introduction, my name is Puneet. I am moving soon and can very well relate your anxiety and frustration as my wife is experiencing the same even before we mmove to Muscat.

I am moving in Jaunary and she in March.

If you are looking for a like minded couple do drop a line.


Ranu and Pumeet

Helloo Friends....I am from New Delhi India and working here as fiance professional...looking to have a nice social group of friends...Lets have a wonderful memorable life span in Muscat Oman

All the best with new beginning.

hi everyone
I am vijay from India now staying in Sohar working in logistics freight forwarding company. Its very nice to stay in Sohar.

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sumandino :

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Hi sumandino,

You are welcome to introduce yourself and share your expat experiences.

However, you are NOT allowed to introduce your company and expand their client base, using this section of the forum !

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Hi Sumitran,

Thanks for your advice. I will check the terms ad conditions of

Hi. I'm new in Oman. Just wondering if this forum is still active. Will be in Oman for couple of weeks for training and got no friends. Looking forward to meet new friends to hang out. My Fridays are not so spent so well.

Hi. I am a new South African in Oman. Just got here 2 weeks ago. Would love to meet new people, make friends and hang out.

Hey. I would really like to meet new people and make friends as I heard it can get really lonely here.


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