New members of the Morocco forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hello there,,, Im Amy,,,, and I will be in Fes May of 2019,,,,,,,, please anyone can help me look for a nice place for SPA and SALON ,,,,, excited to move to Morocco soon....

Thank you Badrbelkok.. i will contact with you

Hi my Name is Jean-Marie.

My background is in Food production and importation to Europe.
I am considering taking on a project based in Morocco and would probably be based in Rabat.
Before finalising everything, I would be interested in advice and comments about the cost of living there, housing monthly cost, situation about international schools...???
many thanks for your help...


Dear Jean-Marie

Costs of living here depend on how your consumer habit would be. You can ha e a regular lunch meal for 10MAD which equals $1. Or you can have a good meal in a good restaurant in average of 100MAD which is equivalent to $10.

Housing also depends on where the property would be more than the size. You can fi d a nice apartment in a good area for an average of 600MAD = $600.

And there are some famou international schools here which are American schools under American curriculum but they are quite expensive to be honest))

Once you sittle here everything will come into place dear))

Hello dear expats who are on thr same bout!

My name is Tarik. Currently based in a big crowded city called Casablanca. However, I was born and raised in Libya and so lived there for 20 years. Now moved to Morocco and have been living here for 4 years now. At tbe beginning I faced a lot of difficulties in terms of communication and job hunting. However, I used to hustle to live and with time I started adapting and overcoming my expatriate status in Morocco.

I went out for many hiking adventures within Morocco and explored some interesting corners of Morocco. And explored Casablanca pretty well which gave me the courage to even make a living while showing off the city where I live by working as a freelancer Tour Guide.

Later on I've had an opportunity by being employed in a high-profiled company for the mean time in an Anglophone / Arabic position of course. I cannot talk about French because it is really not a thing I can survive with 😅

Anyways, life is getting easier and my way started to be more clear even after big crisis at the beginning trying to figure out something..   Life journey is still on :)

Consider me as a friend and feel free to Add or DM me if you would like to be a friend as well 🙂

I haven't met any one from Libya since I moved here which is little bit sad for me hah 😅

Hi, my name ia Haseena, i'm a new member. I am from Indonesia, planning to move to Casablanca in a couple of months inshaallah. I joined this website because I was looking to connect with people, make some friends to get tips or learn from their experience on moving to Morocco.

I was specifically looking for Indonesians in Casablanca as that ia where i'm moving to.

Thank you for reading :)

Welcome to Morocco Haseena, you'll feel like home :)

Hello Helen, welcome to Morocco.. You'll ferl like home 🙏🏼😉

Hello Helen, welcome to this beautiful country 🙂

Thank you

Hi everyone. My name is Zhelle and I will be moving to Casablanca to work hopefully this January. Looking forward to some fellow filipinos who are also working or living in Casablanca so I can meet new friends and spent time out during my off.

welcome Amy to our country *
good luck

Hello everybody !

Happy New Year !!!

My name's Kat, I'm 25 and I'm from France. My boyfriend got a job opportunity in Morocco so I decided to join him. I'm passionate about photography, travels and music. I'm currently not working because I'm expecting a baby for mid-may so let's say that I'm only looking for some friends :)

hello Kat
welcome to morocco
jalil from marrakech

Hello kat
I m mariem I live in tangier morocco .. and I hope we can be friends if that possible  :)

Je suis nouveau ici et content de l'être ! Je vous salue tous !

Hello everyone !
I am new here and happy!

Hallo !
Ich bin neu here und ich freue mich darüber!

Hi everyone Im engaged to a Moroccon woman. Im from the UK and looking to learn about the culture and traditions. And obviously bringing my love over. Otto

Try  the international school in Casablanca if you have a teacher degree

Hey everyone I'm from London visiting Marrakech with my friend end of February for a week I help people in Morocco come to live in London i do this every year, I'm looking to find friendship from this or relationship just some one message me


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