New members of the Morocco forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hey anyone here in fes city ?

@ Snnuup > Can you please introduce yourself?

Thank you,

Priscilla team

My name is yassine I'm 21 years old Moroccan native , i live in Fes city and I'm currently studying English at the university

Luna_ :

Hi guys I’m moving to Morocco in October for my gap year, I’m  from London but my father is moroccan. I’m on here to find a job (hopefully) and some new friends preferably English or french speaking since my Darija isn’t great 😂. 
Feel free to send me a message

hello luna im ahmed from morocco i can speak english i would like to talk to you welcome any time this is my number ***

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Hello fellows,
My name is Brahim and I'm 21 years old student from Morocco, I live in Marrakech and If someone have any question about the city or something drop me a line. :)

Stay in touch because I read your story, but I just want you to take your plans at a low speed & be very careful in what you intend to do.

Right now, I live in FL.

Good luck

Hi everyone:
My name is Naima & I am new in this expat site.  I was born in Casablanca, but lived mostly in USA.  Right now I am still in USA, but me & my little family are making plans to move to Marrakech.  I have enough experiences in sales, communication, & education.  I am considering teaching English in Morocco, but planning a service or retail business in future.  If there are other expats like my situation & like to exchange ideas, I am in for it.
I speak French, English, & Arabic  with some basic Spanish.


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Hello my expats friends
Recently moved to Marrakech from Houston, TX USA.  Would like to meet and share ideas with like minded people.  I speak english, Arabic darija and some french.

Drop me a line if you are in the city.

Hi !
I'm from Meknes .if you want come again to Morocco welcome in Meknes i'm really want meet you and know you !

How can I apply for a job in Morroco

Good luck bec I am in the same situations.  I spotted a few job offers & I applied, but I did not get any answers.

Hi Adrian,

Nice to read your story. I’m currently living in Rabat and trying to find my way. I owned my dental clinic until last year and sold it to head another direction, not knowing I would end up in Rabat just for the fact that I love it here.
Would you like to meet up one time? (Btw, I’m Dutch)

Kind regards,

Hi Julien,

I am a Pakistani national living in Casablanca for the past 3 months.

Prior to this I worked as a Financial consultant with 1 of the biggest bank in Dubai for 10 years.

I moved to Morocco as I love the people here, the food, the architecture and the weather and so much more.

I have set up a small business here trading goods between Dubai and Casablanca.

Hello. My name is Shirah and I've just moved to Rabat with my husband, 24 year old daughter, and our dog. We live in Agdal, and are interested in just about everything.

Hi Guys,

So I moved to Agadir a few days ago, some people who are currently living here?

I'm sure you will find people who can assist you anyway they can. Enjoy your new venture and welcome To Morocco!

Hello! I moved to Marrakech about a month ago and am working as an English teacher here.  I am originally from California in the USA.  I am interested in Aikido and guitar lessons in or near the Geuliz area, if anyone has any leads. In my free time I enjoy reading, yoga, hiking, and traveling.

Good luck to u u need to go to your embassy they may help u

my name is Angela. I am from the Philippines.    I've been living in fes for the past 3 weeks and processing papers to marry my Moroccan fiancè.  :shy anyone knows any Asian grocery stores near fes?


Mabuti :)

Welcome to Morrocco :top:

Hello guys I'm french born but been living in the UK . Im planning to move to marrakech because I love the people love the food  and the beauty of that city.
I'm looking for a job guys I'm planning to arrive in December .I've got a long extensive experience in customer service  and as a receptionist. If you know any employer looking for a serious professional lady please let me know id appreciate

Kind regards


Hi Folks
I’m Feny from Indonesia
Just moved to Casablanca 3weeks ago
And I’m looking for friends

am jonstantha aged 19 from tanzania i will be thankful to meet new friends in morroco as i wish to fly there by tomorrow

Hello guys. I am adil, English teacher  I live in Tangier and would love to make friends.

Hello my name is Adil. English teacher from tangier but originally from Rabat. I would like to meet a female for dating relationship maybe more :)

Feny R Juliana :

Hi Folks
I’m Feny from Indonesia
Just moved to Casablanca 3weeks ago
And I’m looking for friends

Welcome To Casablanca Feny, I hope you like it already :) If you need any kind of assistance, please do not hesitate. Enjoy your new venture and good luck !!

Hi Feny,
Your profile suggests that you like to travel and chill. Let me tell you  the thrill of discovering Casablanca lasts for a month or so as one ends up repeating the same thing over and over again to the point of boredom.
You can go visit the Medina, some fancy restaurants, hang out in the malls etc. etc. but that is about it.
If your line of work takes you around Morocco then you will love this country and if Casablanca is your main base then you should make friends with locals.
I can inbox you if you want some good tips on local hangouts

Hey, thank you
I enjoyed it so far
Like to know more about Moroccan cultures etc

I haven’t visited many places
As I live in Dar Bouazza.
I need more time to explore more as I’m living here in next few years, so no rush
thanks for your replied, pls inbox me for your references

Million thanks 🙏🏽 


Hello all,

My name is Dawda Bah a trained journalist and road safety activist who campaign for safer roads.
I am planing to travel to Marrakech in 4 days time.
Looking forward to meet new friends.

Hello all,
My name is Dawda Bah a trained journalist and road safety activist who campaign for safer roads.
I am planing to travel to Marrakech in 4 days later. I am looking for new friends to move while staying. I will be lodge at Hotel due Golf Marrakech. Please drop me a message if you are interested to meet me. Cheers!

Hello I was born and raised in London but I'm looking to get married in Morocco because I am also Moroccon as I have family from there but when I get married I want to get married with Moroccon papers and I don't want it to be recognized by the UK is this possible

I'm a South African born citizen ....I'm looking for a temporary job and would love to work in morocco as I'm a student .I've travelled Europe and tend to love Africa .  Thanks for your warm welcome .

You are very welcome to Morocco :)
I wonder what type of jobs are you looking for!

Hello dear guests!

My name is Tarik. Currently based in a big crowded city called Casablanca. However, I was born and raised in Libya and so lived there for 20 years. Now moved to Morocco and have been living here for 4 years now. At tbe beginning I faced a lot of difficulties in terms of communication and job hunting. However, I used to hustle to live and with time I started adapting and overcoming my expatriate status in Morocco.

I went out for many hiking adventures within Morocco and explored some interesting corners of Morocco. And explored Casablanca pretty well which gave me the courage to even make a living while showing off the city where I live by working as a freelancer Tour Guide.

Later on I've had an opportunity by being employed in a high-profiled company for the mean time in an Anglophone / Arabic position of course. I cannot talk about French because it is really not a thing I can survive with 😅

Anyways, life is getting easier and my way started to be more clear even after big crisis at the beginning trying to figure out something..   Life journey is still on :)

Consider me as a friend and feel free to Add or DM me if you would like to be a friend as well 🙂

Hi. I'm from the US - Rocky Mountain west. I spent last winter in Guinea-Bissau (south of Senegal) teaching English to adults. I am going back there again this winter. In the spring I hope to move up to Morocco to get a longer-term paying job there, most likely teaching English, though I have also been a trip leader on long, remote treks in the mountains and canyons of the US. And I've worked as an environmental scientist on projects with the oil, gas, and mining industries and government agencies. I'm looking forward to learning about and seeing the amazing history and culture of Morocco. I'm really interested in getting out of the cities and into the mountains and desert, Tarik.


Hi Dagmar,
My wife and I have lived in Agadir for 3 years, although we've owned our apartment for 9 years.
We'd love to meet up for tea/coffee sometime.
We currently know a group of around 25 UK expats living in and around Agadir.
If you're interested in meeting, message me.
We're always happy to meet in a public place, maybe a Café?
We look forward to hearing from you.
Hope you're enjoying Agadir!
Best regards
Doug & Hazel.

Hello to all
Im Fatiam from Sudan but i live in KSA
I will come to Morocco on September 18th
To attend the World Youth Forum
I want to know if there is one of you will be in this forum?

I would like to extend my visit for three days
But I want friends and wonderful activities to do in Morocco (they have to be cheap things
I do not have a large amount)

@frawla..welcome to morocco :) and if u want to know any informations about morocco before traveling I'm here.. and if u want we can meet and take u in a  wonderful tour around morocco why not ! this is your second home pls don't be shy
this is my number if u want to call me or texting me : ***

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