New members of the Kuwait forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

You are welcome in Kuwait always

Kuwait is a land where flows milk and honey

I m Dr to kuwait.
Waiting for some good friends.

Hi everyone! I'm a Kuwaiti American living in Kuwait. Looking to find a new job and/or do some tutoring, and hopefully make some friends here. I used to live in the NE US and used to teach in Japan. Holla at ya boy!

Hello i am a college student here in kuwait and i wanna look for a part time for me and i also give guitar tutors for beginners.

Wat part time u looking for


My name is Alfred, am new on this site, and was quite thankful that there is such a site where you can connect with your fellow expats who are new and have so many questions about the living conditions, laws and lifestyle of this country.

Though I came couple of years back here in Kuwait, but did not have much social life due to work.  But I guess, this is good stuff where I could learn a lot from others on this site.

I welcome all the newbies here on this site..


Hiya .my names Douggy .I've been in kuwait for nearly a year and have a good handle on expat life here.  I think it's time I passed on my knowledge from an Australians point of view .. if your new here just ask and I will try to help. I live in fintas

Hi all
My name is Doug, I moved to Kuwait about 8 months ago,and my wife will be joining me in April next year, currently living in Salmyia

I am an Aircraft mechanic working for the Kuwait air Force

Hey mate im an aussie also in kuwait doing a similar job,

Hello All,
I don't think I technically count as an expact as I'm only here for part of a year - more like a long-term visitor? Hoping to learn what you all have found that's fun to do!

Where r u

Yes sure... If u like contact me as whatsapp ***

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Hey guys, i just moved to Kuwait, living in Salmiya. I hate the routine life, so i wish to make friends, do some activities. I do jogging everyday, play football & rugby, shopping, love cenima, like to go out, try new places  and finally a food lover 😍. So if anyone interested send me.. wish to see you all. 😊

Hi Katie, Have you moved to Kuwait now? I'm thinking of moving too, and have a job offer at a hospital as a surgeon. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me on working life compared to the NHS. Thank you!

Hi Arshad, where are you working? How did you find the MOH examination process? I'm just at the beginning of this process and so would appreciate any tips. I have been told I need an viva / interview only but have no idea what that involves. No information on the MOH website. Best wishes

Hi Everyone,

I am Husna. I moved to Kuwait recently from the US to be with my husbands family.  He is Kuwaiti. I am looking to make Kuwait feel more like home but I don’t know many people here apart from his family. Some friendships and advice on activities would be welcome!

Hi Rebekah,

I saw your intro on here and found it similar so wanted to reach out. I just moved to Kuwait from the US with my Kuwaiti husband. Finding it hard as I don’t know anyone here. Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi Beca,

I am from Houston and just moved to Kuwait with my husband as well. Looking to make Kuwait feel a little more like home. Any tips?


Hi everyone,

I completed a month here and i want to enjoy the life and get familiar with it, so any ideas, and am looking for meet new people, making friends and go out.. so is there anyone interested?

Hey there

I’m gathering ppl to have a group chat on whtsapp

Know more about life share culture n make frnds

Plz send me a message if u wana join

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