New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi I am a student as well 😬 where do u study?

Hello everyone !  :)

I am from Singapore and hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to relocate to Canada.

If you would like information on Singapore, do get in touch with me !

Hello Everyone,

I have recently moved to Montreal and started my job last week. before Montreal, I have lived in Dubai for 3 years. I am originally from India.

So far it has been an exciting transition with a huge change in climate and taxes.

I have a PR and would love to make the country my home. Lets see how it goes.

Really interested in meeting other expats especially here in Montreal. I am up for a drink,  coffee, meal whatever suits.

I am an open-minded person, religiously agnostic and politically liberal. Interested in food, tech, philosophy and politics...hope to meet like minded people.


My name is Miguel. I'm from Havana, Cuba. I've been living in Edmonton with my wife for almost 2 years now, working as a software developer. Still learning a lot about living here but I feel more adapted each day. It was really hard at the beginning: the language, the weather, the culture, so different to everything that we knew.

I've been making videos of our new life here, sharing things like the beauty - and harshness-  of different seasons, big popular parties and our travels to cool places in Canada.

I think you guys will enjoy these videos, whether you're newcomers or you are planning to come. Check them out! I speak Spanish but they have English subtitles.

At the end, the process is worth it. It's a great country.

Hi, I am new here. My name is Bernice, currently living in Singapore. I have a beautiful 2 years old Daughter. I am planning to relocate to a new place with my Daughter and Canada is one of our options. I work in a financial industry (mainly wealth planning).

Would like to know more on the job opportunities in financial industry, education and as I will be a single mum, in term of if there are any help available to take care of my Daughter while I am at work eg: childcare, nanny etc?

And the cities that is suitable for us in term of safety, affordability and job opportunities?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Everyone, my name is Ronaldo Coelho i am currently living in Angola which is a beautiful country and so on,  planning to move to canada to find new job opportunities,growth as a whole, and also give my children better health and education quality.

So i hope my family and i will adapt well as soon as we get there.


Greetings! I'm Freddy and I'm from Venezuela. I'm not living in Canada right now since I'm barely looking for a job. As long as I can do it, I will do it and I'm willing to learn anything if that can help me fulfill my tasks.
I can speak Spanish, English, French and a bit of Japanese. It's nice to meet you all!

Hi there, I'm Arvin from Indonesia

I live in Jakarta and now searching for job in Canada. I'm able to work in Administration, Procurement manager (or Bid Management), Audiovisual (Animation, Editing, Editor, Graphic Design, Motion graphic, etc).


Thank you


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Hello everyone, I am also a member from Canada who is very happy to meet you

hi i am from thailand

Hi all,

Happy New Year 2019!

Looking for advice on the best area in Canada for opportunities in the FinTech payments industry.

Thanks :)

Hi all,

Happy New Year 2019!

My name is Shardai and my husband and I are looking to emigrate to Canada from the UK to provide our daughter and ourselves with a better life. Our daughter is only 3 years old, so we want to make the move sooner rather than later before she starts school, plus we also plan on having more children in the future. 

I work in the FinTech industry with 12 years’ experience in project and product management as well as business analysis. My husband is ex-military serving for 12 years as a solider in the British army and currently works in logistics within the civilian world.

We're an active family and went on vacation to Alberta in December 2017 and fell in love with the beautiful scenery and spent the entire time exploring Banff, Jasper and Calgary etc. We want to experience a different province and season so have recently booked a trip to Vancouver for June 2019, which we’re very excited about.

We spoke to an immigration lawyer back in October 2018 and they were confident that I could qualify for the fast track visa based on my skills and experience. Being as I’d be the lead visa applicant, I’m keen to move to an area that I can find work in FinTech specifically around the payments industry. So, we are currently debating on where in Canada we would like to move to and when we should kick off the visa process.

Looking forward to any tips and to chatting with you all 😊

Hi, I am Nilmi, I am thinking whether immigrating to Canada would be a good decision. Since I cannot afford to come to Visit (not because of finance, but because of other commitments and practical issue), I though to sign up to the forum and get some insight.

Hi there, I have recently joined this community.

Hi everyone,

Im Magda and I come from Poland. I currently live in Victoria, BC and i just came in october 2018. I am working at restaurant and I am also a Medical Care. For long ago I've been working in Europe. I've got my first contract here and I'm planning to stay here. I have no idea how i do it, but I will try :D

Hi all,
Rishi here. Working with a Govt. PSU in India. Aspiring to move to Canada in the near future. Looking to gain admission to one of the top MBA Schools in Canada and then looking to stay there. Anybody else looking to move in for the same reasons? Kindly add me up to any whatsapp group or forums you guys have started. Need a lot of help and also ready to help in case any one needs one and if i can oblige :) Thank You

Hi, I am Kartik from Singapore. Have travelled twice to Canada to visit a friend. He used to live here in Singapore before and keep on suggesting me to go over there. Always love the idea of working overseas but i became more determined ever since i have been to Canada. Have travelled to most countries but nothing is like Canada.

I did a little bit of research and understand that the chances are better if i am able to find a job for a start under a temporary foreign working visa and slowly kickstart the process of settling down permanently but i am clueless to find a job as i only have 13 years of experience in Customer Service which involves in Healthcare, Delivery Services, Government campaigns.

I would love to seek advise from fellow Singaporeans or anyone actually to enlighten me about this process.

Would be very grateful for the help. Hope it does not cause too much of inconvenience.

Thank you.

Best Regards,



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