New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Canada forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Canada if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello ,
I’m also new here, My name is Dana i live in Kuwait right now i am planning to move to Canada to build my life there

Hello Danaebrava,
Welcome do :-)
Between Kuwait and Canada, there are so many differencies...have you ever come to the country?

No i havent been in the country

The best thing would be a prospecting trip, so that you get to know much better this country which could help you get the pros and cons of moving to Canada.
Moving abroad is such a critical decision, with so many impacts and recurring administrative hassles...

Hello everyone,

I’ve just moved to Toronto as a permanent resident after some time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I’ve been here 3 times before so had no hesitation once I got my PR, and I’ve also studied in the USA before.

Before Dubai I spent some time doing my MBA in Madrid, Spain.

I look forward to getting fully settled in here. Initial impressions are very good.

Am also open to meeting with fellow expats/Canadians for a drink or two, or a meal even.

Hey :)
My name is Mary, I'm from Saint-Petersburg (Russia),going to move to Canada with my boyfriend this year. We're both biologists, I'm - biochemist, He's - geneticist, but working as a shipbuilder and musucian.
To be honest, living in Canada - is a HUGE Dream of my boyfrined, but not mine. But i love him and want to support him in his dreams, so thats why i'm here and wanna become a canadian expat :)

Hello Mariia,
Welcome to the forum. As you said, Canada is a dream for millions of people. Some of them will enjoy their expat experience, some other won't. We usually strongly advise our members to visit their future city of residence once in the Winter and once in the Summer to be sure about their expat project.

Hi all!

My name is Shafag. I'm from Azerbaijan and I'm planning immigration to Canada, Ontario. I'm 25 , I have Bachelor in Oil and Gas field, Masters in Business Management and 4 years of experience in Oil and Gas industry. Also, I'm planning to take second Master in Canada. Moving to Canada will be a whole new experience for me, especially as I will start everything from the scratch.
Any advise, information is highly appreciated.

Hello. My name is Lissy, I currently live in the East Anglia region of the UK. I am aiming to move to Montreal, Canada once I finish my studies, in 2022, providing I can find a job out there!

I have done a fair amount of research into this venture, and it is so exciting! I also have a daughter, currently 6 years old.

This has been a lifelong ambition of mine, and after battling some difficult circumstances, I can now say I am well on my way to making it a reality.

I hope to find lots of information and tips on how to make the transition easier. My daughter and I have a visit planned for 2019.

Look forward to chatting with you all!

Hi all,

This is Adesh Kumar, from Bangalore, India.
I am looking to move to Canada in 2018-2019 with my wife. An EHS professional by trade, having experience of over 5 years. Looking for apt opportunity which is relevant to my skill sets.

Hî, my name is Malaiyna. I am 34 years old and I have 2 beautiful daughters. I am currently living in the USA and would love to relocate to Ontario, Canada with my daughter's to start a new life. I am not a student and I am not seeking employment I am only interested in moving there to live peacefully. My fiancee will be going to Canada with a business Visa and I would like to know how my daughter's and I can make the move from the USA to Canada. Do we need a Visa or any other paperwork to make the move? If so, how and where do I begin the process? Any helpful information you can provide will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

exciting! I am Maggie and I live in Vancouver British Columbia. I am happy to meet all of you.

Hi, I am a 60 years old software engineer from England, apparently too old to move to Canada to work. Who knew such a supposedly progressive country would indulge in age discrimination? Other than that, when I visited Canada a few years ago I loved it and would have liked to have found a job there. Nice place. Apart from the age discrimination. Oh well, there is always Scotland for those of us who like snow and trees.
Have a nice day,

Hi there. My name is Dimpho From Botswana. I would really love to move to Canada to start a new life with my son. I am a Human Resources practitioner with 10 years experience , Any tips?

Hi Julien

Thanks for initiating this. I am Swati from India. I have started my process for Canada immigration. Ielts is a task, as I am struggling to achieve the required score. Hopefully I get through this time.

Hi, my name is Jimmy, and I'm from Hong Kong.

I'm currently living and have worked in Quebec as an Automobile mechanic. Now I can apply for permanent residency either through PEQ or CEC, but I prefer CEC to PEQ actually. If someone needs help in English or French, feel free to contact me and I'll try my best to improve with you.

I am Hari Prasaadh from India. I am planning to move to Canada with my wife. I have applied fro PR under NOC 4163- Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultant. My wife is a financial consultant

Any one related to this profile can help us with jobs, please email me at ***


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Hello im Rayhanna froma Cape Town,South Africa. Pllaanning To immigrate to Canada but not where to start. Any ideas will help .Thank you

Hi my name is Gary. I'm from the Caribbean region. I'm a security professional looking for new prospects. Planning to start by exploring what's available in Canada.

I've done some research and like what I've seen and read thus far about life in Canada.

I am Ken and originally from Montreal. I live in Ottawa. My wife is Indonesian. Well, not really, but I wanted to see how that looks to say. I will be meeting my wife to be for the first time this summer. We are worlds apart in many ways except love, which conquers all. I want her to know Canada is alive and accepting of her culture.

I am 60 so I know what Ficelles is saying about age discrimination. I do not experience it as immigration policy, and not really first hand and it is not easy to tell unless you have your hands on the covert emails and overhear the comments. Our young government seems to be trying to reach out to millennials, then visible minorities then women, and ps with ds or persons with disabilities, so us old guys can get really shafted.   Funny though, 60 is not old anymore, it is the new middle aged. Think about the medical breakthroughs that will assure we live as long as  possible, how can we contribute if the economy is bent to bursting in favour of the 1% who took it all away by profiting from communal resources. I expect more respect.

I suspect Canada is not unique in this respect, but it is my country and I do not like discrimination.  I will not put up with it.

Hello everyone! New here. Will be moving to Saskatchewan. And no date yet.

Hi All,

My name is Kris, I have been living here in Vancouver for more than 2 years.
Its a lovely place to live.

I work as  Business Development Manager, in a Nutraceutical Company

Basically  people are very good over here, they do not interfere in others lives, every one try to mind their own business

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you will all succeed in your project, in Ontario, Quebec or Saskatchewan.

I really enjoyed reading you. So many different profiles, from so many regions in the world...

Ficelle, the age is one of the multiple criteria used to determine a score. You may indeed get 0 point on this criteria but you may finally get enough points to ask for a PR.

Should you want to settle in Canada, do not forget that you have three different ways:
- Ask for a PR
- Find a job and get a temporary work permit
- Go to university, which eases the way to get a permit / ask for a PR.

Hello   Julien ,

My  name  is   Abid  and  I  am  from  Toronto  Canada ,  living  here   for  the last  21  years.  For   business  purposes ,  planning  to  move  to  Bulgaria  in  order  to  set  up  a  company   and   do   business   there   and   neighboring  countries  by  extensive  travelling.   Your forum  is   a great   help  for  me   if  some one  is  referring  good   accountant   and  law  firm  in  Plovdiv  Bulgaria .   I am   sending  messages  to  members  from  Bulgaria   and   due  to  repeat messages , ended  up  with  blocked messages  list .  Hopefully   you  will  go  through  my  situation  and  will  advise  to  fix  this  issue  .
Also   would  appreciate  if  members   can  help  adjust   me   in  Plovdiv  Bulgaria.
Thanks  in  advance   .

Mr, Severinguiton

I'm Living in Dubai Last 6 years.
Can you tell me how i make my dream is true . I want to settle in Canada .
I have only one option to get job than so on .
So tell me how and where I try to apply or find a job.

I have now spent 2 months in canada . I came as a student .so far not bad though i know no one in canda

I am living in Rwanda and searching job in Canada .
I have bachelor's degree of business administration in accounting and speak English and french.
I need your guidance to find job now i am unemployment
My name is Ezechiel

Hi All,

Newbie here from Philippines. I really can't imagine now how much I'd love to live in Canada and settle there with my wife and kids. Unfortunately, we never had any out of the country experience yet, so it will all be a little difficult though. I wish to get a job in Canada at least me for now.

My work experiences are mostly customer/technical representatives over the phone/chat until now. I can say though that I have a little skill with computers. We assist customer worldwide but mostly are North Americas. I hope someone can help me find the door of opportunities. Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

I'm from India with about 9 years + experience into Client Servicing, Customer Service, Call Centers, Human Resource and Administration. Looking forward for a job in Canada as I want to make it my second home. I really love the people, culture and everything about the country I have heard so far. Now I want to explore and experience this on my own.

Hello guys,

My name is Hesham 18 years-old, living now in egypt but i'm searching for a good and cheap international high school to apply to study visa and come to canada as soon as possible, i need to know everything about the next steps without doing any faults, if you can help me please DM me it will be a pleasure to me.

Kind Regards..

hi how are you

Is there anyone from Kuwait who can help me find some info about moving to Canada ?

Hi ,

My name is Qureishi.I am currently living in Bahrain.I have Canadian PR and planning to move permanently in the near future.

Currently I am exploring the housing and jobs in GTA.


Best of luck and don't worry , you will be doing fine even in your 40's in Canada  :)

Which country are you from?And which course and university?Want to migrate to Canada too.

Hello,am from Kampala, Uganda and planning to move to Canada.Am a broadcasting technician and rigger by profession.would like an assistance available

Past 45 years old,  you get 0 point, how do you call that if not pure discrimination.

Canada wants young people only but they won't tell you straight,  of course.

You should read the requirements first.

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