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Hi my husband has recently moved to munich from india. He is a blue card holder. I will also be moving shortly from india . I heard i will be able to work without applying for a seperate work permit . How can i find work. I have 8 years work experience corporate banking. Are there any consultancies which can help me out. Kindly give me some suggestions.


A family reunion visa (as you will presumably have) does usually incluide the right to work in Germany. (Check yours if this is true!)
To find a job, you should send well-written applications to compnies in your industry. The most important factor in finding a job is language skills - you didn't mention your level of German, but B2 is required for most jobs that involve any kind of communication with customers, clients, partners, colleagues or suppliers.

Thank you for your response unfortunately I have not started taking up german classes.  Yes i do have work permit . Is it possible to get some part time english speaking jobs ? Simultaneously i will take up german classes.
It would be a sincere pleasure to hear back.


The usual part-time jobs for foreigners with no or little German language skills are office or house cleaning, harvest help, supermarket shelf stocker and, to a lesser extent, delivery driver.
I guess that is not what you have in mind, and you also don't intend to work for the legal minimum wage.
There are few big banks in Munich (this would be different in Frankfurt, Germany's financial centre) where you might inquire about international banking jobs. I doubt, though, that part-timing is what they are looking for.
Why don't you focus on learning German, attend a full-time class and, after a year or two (at level B2 or better), apply then with much better chances?

Thank you for your suggestions . I am really grateful for it and i found it very insightful.

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