Hola a todos los expatriados!
Soy de Uruguay, estoy viviendo en Bogotá hace dos meses. Me gustaría compartir experiencias con extranjeros que viven hace mas tiempo en esta ciudad.

Hola. Mucho gusto. john viviendo en Cali. Tengo dos anos mas o menos. Mucho gusto a conocerte.

handymantulsa :

Tengo dos anos mas o menos.

You are saying either that you are about two years old (and just forgot the tilde over the n), or that you have two "anal openings", more or less...

That's why this is an English forum, posts are supposed to be in English.  It's OK to throw in a little español but be careful!

A more authentic way to say it (and there are many ways) might be
Llevo dos años aquí, más o menos.

See, for instance, … dos+a%C/!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\B1os

thanks for the correction. haha. Solo un ano y tengo mas que dos anos. I have been here for about 2 years.

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