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I've been in Rio since August 22nd 2017 and entered on a tourist visa (just a stamp on arrival as I'm from the UK). I foolishly misinterpreted the 180 days within a year rule and assumed I could stay for 180 days straight (taking me up to February 18th 2018). Having looked further into this (I was planning on seeing if it would be possible to extend my visa, I now see that it wouldn't be) I've come to the realisation that I must have only been granted 90 days originally and should have requested an extension for a further 90 days before the original ones were up (November 20th 2017). I've been reading up on the fines and have seen that the 8 reais something has increased to 100 reais for every day I've been here since my first 90 days were up. I just wondered if anyone would be able to shed any light on the matter? Assuming I stayed up until February 18th as planned, would I be looking at a R$9000 fine? Would it be worth my while going to the federal police in GIG (could I go to any federal police station in the city, or would it have to be the airport?), pleading my case and explaining my foolishness and try to get a visa extension for the remaining days? Thank you for any help you can give me!


Usually, if you have overstayed they will not give you an extension and will probably order you to leave.
probably the best thing you can do is leave. If you stay the extra time you will probably be assessed the fine of R$100 per day. I have heard that you can subtract days from your next visit instead of the fine. Also, you do not have to go all of the way home you just have to leave Brazil.


What are taxes of nationality process of Brazil on base of marriage ? Do any body have idea ?

Chiragkumar :

What are taxes of nationality process of Brazil on base of marriage ? Do any body have idea ?

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I Just got extension, this is my Third extension in three years (been getting extension one per year).
You have to go to a Federal Police Station that deals with passports, the renewal of visas etc...the first time I went to the Federal Police Station in Porto Seguro, I waited to see officer and then finally they told me to go to different office, at the international airport here where that is Their main job...So, I would say yes to you having to go to Gig airport where there that is one very big function of that police station...
You can try to plead your case, but with this new law I will bet you have a 0% chance of anyone helping you with the fine.
You can not now that you have overstayed your visa be granted an extension. Extensions under Brazil law are actually given only Before you become Illegal as to your stay and then only issued if they want to give it, but only Allowed to be granted and given if You Are Not here Illegally.
If I were going to try to plead if in your shoes, first I would have my Common Law Brazillian Wife with me and have her Plead my Case in Perfect Brazillian Portuguese...if not her, someone else who is close  to me and Brazillian. I say this due to knowing that they are more, much more sympathetic to their Own.
Second, they want your money hence the new law. I would go to a smaller Federal Police Station Where the agents are more sympathetic  and don't Hear 25 Stories a day.
I have had very Good Luck here in Porto Seguro Bahia, the agents are the same agents since I've lived here and are actually quite nice and personable. They don't speak English but are quite nice to me and my wife. They let me come in for my Extension about two weeks early because of Carnival coming up during my true 90 day ending.
I have had dealing with Federal Police Station at Gig, Recife, Salvadore and Porto Seguro Bahia, Recife and especially Porto Seguro Bahia have been the Nicest and most liberal...
If you want a phone number or email for the lady at Porto Seguro Bahia federal police station that my wife deals with I will get it from wife and send it to you...she has always like I say been very great to deal with, only one in Brazil to give a cell phone and email for us to ask questions of...But again, if you contact her she doesn't speak English...

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