Places in Bahrain that would allow pets?


So I'm going to get a dog soon. I'd like to know: which places in Bahrain allows dogs? Like coffee shops (e.g. Caribou and Starbucks) that have outdoor seatings, do they allow pets? Restaurants? Parks? Events? Do they allow pets at the lagoon in Amwaj Islands for example, or the places on American Alley?

Thank you very much.

It's not a matter of policy as far as I know and is quite arbitrary.  As far as most places outdoors are concerned; there shouldn't be a problem unless other people complain. Most indoor places will not allow pets.

Parks should not be a problem.  Events may or may not be depending on the nature of the event.  Amwaj and other estates should be ok too.   Apartments; it will vary from building to building and landlord to landlord.

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