Carte Vitale

I have been trying to get my Carte Vitale since last July. I am married to a French man and I would think this would be easy .  They have lost my paperwork 2 times.  They ask me if I am working and I laugh because I can’t work until I get my Social number.  This system has a huge problem and I’m wondering if any other People have had problems? 

I have all my proper forms , so please tell me why they keep losing my paperwork .
I have to keep it humorous to keep my sanity here. Is it a test of endurance and strength.  Or a test if you really want to be here?  Lol
Has anyone else had issues with this crazy system ?

Hi Olive,
yes, I've heard similar horror stories :-(
When you first arrived, and went through OFII, you probably got a folder of certificates. Along with that, you hopefully also got contact info for your OFII guide/agent/caseworker. I would contact that person for help. Failing that, try contacting the place/people who gave your French civics and life classes (probably cvh) for their help.
The people as CPAM are asking you whether you work or not so that they know which pile to look in for your dossier. The two situations go through different agencies.
You do not need your social number in order to work. Your employer is responsible for getting that for you if you don't already have one. My suggestion is to go ahead with your job plans - that might even be a faster way to get your cv :-\
Good luck,

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