Applying for Carte Vitale

My family has recently moved to France with my wife's employer. It's not a clear cut case of working for a French company and, we're not European, so the move has not been as straight forward as it probably should be. The employer is taking care of applying for our social security number (it's been 8 months now and we still don't have one) but what I'd like to know is do we need to rely on the employer to secure our Carte Vitale as well? At the rate they going our 3 year residence permits might be up by the time the Carte Vitale comes through.. We're wondering if we can do this ourselves instead of relying on the employer? They haven't been very forthcoming with information about it.


You can call the "Assurance Maladie" yourself if you speak French, dial 3646 and explain your situation. Good luck with that!

Normally it's the employer who arranges it and who should do so within a week of you commencing work. They requested for my and I got a foreing number ( 1 - Year - Month - 99 - NUMBER)
The 99 numbers is other countries.

Here the link (French) for all the question about:
A. Registration to Social Security: first job … its/F16467
B. the carte vitale. … roits/F265

they will ask ome papers:
– Copy of your birth certificate with certified translation
– 2 ID photos (from the French photo machines)
– a ‘relevé d’identité bancaire’ or RIB, which provides your banking information so your reimbursements can be transferred directly into your account
– Déclaration du Choix de Médecin Traitant (Optional)

Good luck.

I'm looking into Carte Vitale as well. I just assumed we weren't eligible as though we've lived here for a year our working situation isn't cut and dried either. But someone mentioned to me that we should check, I just found this helpful article (in English): … -everyone/

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