Cambodia police clearance

I am getting frustrated on finding information on a police clearance.
My thai wife worked in Cambodia for 2 years. She will migrate to Australia and needs a police clearance.
So far i have been told to go to the ministry of justice, any police station and beleive it or not lucky lucky motorcycles.

Can anyone help us out with ture and correct information?

Hi Ray,

  Am not so sure what kind of i dont know if this will help..but a while back the immigration required all Africans to have clearance from the police before extending their visa,and in this case it was just an official letter from any police station saying that you have have not commited any crime in Cambodia and also to certify that your house address is true...(ie you actually live there)..and any police station gave this form,with an official police stamp and some official signatures...(oh dont forget the cash)so if the kind of clearance you are talking about is this,then the nearest police station is the place to go. If this is not what you are talking about,am sorry can't help :(


It is for immigration to australia.
Most countries  want a police clearance for the time spent in any country over 12 months.
In this case my thai wife worked in PP for 2 years , accomadation was at the thai companies expence.
Australia immigration want a police clearance from cambodia.
They also say to go to the cambodian ministry of justice to get the document.
Realy all we need is a document form the cambodian ministry of justice stateing that she is not a criminal , has no convictions etc.

Oh I see,and have you gone to the Ministry od Justice?What did they say?

Hi, I'm in the same boat, but a long way from PP (Canada).  I've been trying to get this info for 2 years, with the added caveat that I can't do it in person.


Im from Philippines, i worked in Cambodia for about 2 years. now im here in Phil..and i need to get a Police Clearance. can i asked my friends who is working in Cambodia ryt now to get a police clearance for me? need your advice...

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