Formalities: marrying a Khmer!

Hi MadMaxs,

I am happy to hear your experience and sharing about marrying a Khmer!
Me and my fiance (Khmer) we also facing the similar problem because of new marriage regulations in Cambodia.
I would like to know in your cases, you go to Hong Kong for married there, the certificate of marriages you received there, is it recognized by Cambodia government?
When you return to Cambodia, did you register to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or related department?

Any your information we are very appreciated.

Many thanks!

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I created a new thread from your post on the Cambodia forum as the other one was outdated since 2011.

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Hi anton,

Unfortunately, the Cambodian government does not recognise any marriage certificates for Khmer women obtained outside Cambodia, since it is illegal for Cambodian women to marry abroad. The law is intended to combat human trafficking (though I'm not sure how effective it has been). So I wouldn't recommend informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of the Interior.

Your marriage would be recognised in any other country as long as it is fully legal in the country where you got married. Most people seem to go to Thailand since it's closer and cheaper.

What ajcrawford says is true. I have not even tried to register our marriage, as I can see no benefit to it, only problems if they decide that I am a problem - like revoking my visa. Of course, now that my wife has left me, it's a non-issue...

anton85 :

we also facing the similar problem because of new marriage regulations in Cambodia.

Anton85...your post is not very clear, can you elaborate on the regulation issues you are facing? If you are under 50, then it's a fairly simple process to get legally married in Cambodia, but if you're over 50 then you can't legally marry a Cambodian citizen in Cambodia.

Hi, I do have a similar issue with my girlfriend. She is a Cambodian citizen and she has a 5 years old daughter.  I am Dutch citizen and I plan to marry her and adopt her child. I understand marrying a Cambodian woman is not possible if we are 50 or over unless we are ready to pay a lot of money and can justify the 2500 dollars month of income. Having said this,  would my girlfriend Cambodian citizen get easily a visa to go to Thailand without difficulty? Then my second question is If marrying her in Thailand is easier and is recognized worldwide except in Cambodia, how would my future wife obtained a resident permit in Europe? Do I have to go to the Cambodian Embassy?  This process still need to have the Cambodian government to process the visa isn't it? If it is not legal for her to get married outside Cambodia, how can I solve this problem? At the end of the day, she will live with me in Europe as I live.
Thanks for your help

I'm Dutch too and I am sure that the best way is to get her into Holland and marry there. The marriage will be official and recognized by Cambodian authorities.

What you have to do is find out in Holland what the requirements are to marry her. She for sure will need a proof of being single and eligible to marry.

It should not be a big problem at all, forget about marrying in Thailand marry in your home country.

Adoption is a different thing, that will come later.

Good luck (het beste).

Joekhmer, thanks for the advice, I live in Paris all my life, so you suggest me to marry her in Paris instead in Cambodia ? If so, is it difficult for her to get a visa to travel abroad? And do you know the procedure to do so?

Thank you

She can apply for a 3 months tourist visa for the Schengen countries.

Yes you can marry in France, just ask the authorities for the requirements/documentation.

Think of beside passport things like birth certificate, family book, if she has been married before you will need a certificate that she is divorced, but better ask the French authorities.

Think also about the requirements to get a permanent resident permit, which is a complicated process, including her to learn the language of the country. But it's all feasible, just jump through the hoops.

Sorry for the late reply, thanks Joe :-)

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